Wandering around Paris

Woman looking at a map in the Louvre on ThatLou tour for the Paris le nez en l'air story

Wandering around Paris with your nose in the air is the idea behind a website of self-guided walks. Although it might mean you have no particular goal or end in sight, wandering and gazing around, the website with the same name gives a beginning and ending point with lots in between. Paris has plenty of great, guided and personalized walking tours. Many are listed on my Paris Walking Tours page with more ideas on my Tours, Guides, Walks and Wheels .

A Stroll on a Tightrope Stretched Across the Seine

YouTube Preview Image April 6 was the scene of water events in Paris; Paris Marathon runners sweat a lot and crossed the Seine on a bridge. Watching from the Charles de Gaulle bridges that links the Gare de Lyon and the Gare d’Austerlitz, Denis Josselin crossed the Seine on a tightrope. ParisiannewsTV made a video that includes an interview with Denis Josselin with English subtitles.

The river Seine is busy year round with boats and activities.I found out about the tightrope walker on the Paris Mayor’s office website “Que faire à Paris“. Click on “Une semaine à Paris en un clic” (One week in Paris in one click) Voilà you now speak French :-) Use Google Translate to decipher the timeline.

The Ports of Paris (available in English) held the “Vog’en Seine” event with special deals on the tourist boats. Information for other Seine events is at Loisirs en Seine (available in English).


Pony Rides in Paris Parks

Children wearing helmets on ponies at Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris

The spring time chill is going to turn into summer time warmth and sunshine (with intermittent showers). How long can the kids manage patience in the Louvre? For distraction, consider a pony rides in the park, or ping pong, rock climbing, basket ball.Wednesday is a popular day for activities due to the school hours.
Pony walks are possible at the following locations on Wednesday, weekends, holidays and school holidays in the afternoon:

2014 Best Paris Baguette

Anthony and his father Antonio, Credit : Mairie de Paris

Each year Paris votes for the best baguette. For the next year the boulanger winner provides President of France residing at the Elysée Palace with the morning baguette.
The 2014 best Paris Baguette winner is Anthony Teixeira. Mr. Teixeira is the artisan baker at “Aux Délices du Palais” bakery in the fourteenth arrondissement. The father of Mr. Teixeira, 24, pictured won the same prize in 1998.