He Stole My Wallet But Got Caught — The Update

Palais de justice stairway colleensparis

A lucky victim of a potential pickpocket scheme is Mary Kay. She recently had the tingling “beware” effect of someone’s presence and kept her wallet. In Mary Kay’s recent post on Out and About in Paris she shares tips and photos on how not to become the victim. Undercover police save me from losing everything. This is the court follow-up to my pickpocket adventure. Beware they are still out there.

Update of Plan for July 14 (14 Juillet) in Paris

July 14 Bastille Day Fireworks Paris; photo by Rob Johnstone from a special street; write to me to find out where

This is an update of yesterday’s entry for planning your July 14 day and evening. The theme for this year’s 14 Juillet festivities was a commemoration of the Great War (1914-1918). Eighty nations who participated in the conflict participated in the Champs Elysées military parade. “War and Peace” was theme for the fireworks and music on an almost full moon evening. Whatever you do, place to be is right there in front of the spectacle. We had the side view from Pont d’Alma.

Dining Out in Paris – Book Review

Dining out Tom Reeves cover 01

While on the plane, spend less than two hours scrolling through the pages of Tom Reeves’ helpful ebook, “Dining Out in Paris: What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light”. The delightful book is heavy with information, light to carry and easy to read “cover to cover”.
Tom, who has a Paris website, Discover Paris! of walks, tours and activities, gives advice and cultural contrasts clearly enough that his audience is encouraged to pull or push open the door and walk in to a restaurant or local shop.

Hotel Raphael’s La Terrasse Bar in Paris

Flowers Arc de Triomphe Hotel Raphael La Terrasse Bar

I drank fresh-pressed orange juice and got tipsy from the view. Lynn, the Activities Vice President, at American Women’s Group Paris, arranged a “Ladies Who Drink in the View @Hotel Raphael” visit. And we drank in the view on La Terrasse on a very bright sunny Paris day under parasols surrounded by greenery. I crossed over the chess board checkered floor to one side of the Hotel Raphael terrace bar to see the Arc de Triomphe…..

2-for-1 Museum Tickets with Eurostar Ticket

Lyuba the woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primigenius, is 85cm tall and 130cm long, about the size of a large dog Photo credit: NHM London

Hold on to your Eurostar ticket when traveling between France, England and Belgium. Having completely forgotten about the 2-for-1 museum-Eurostar partnership myself, we paid full price for a Natural History Museum exhibit on mammoths. Read more about these entry ticket benefits in Paris Good Deals for a Boat, a Train and 4 Museums…..

Paris 1900 Exhibit at Petit Palais

La Parisienne, over the entryway to the exposition universelle 1900

Paris 1900, the City of Entertainment (La ville spectacle) is open until August 17, 2014 at the Petit Palais. In 2013, the most visited Paris monument was Notre-Dame de Paris with over thirteen million visitors. About 27 million people visit Paris annually. The Exposition universelle de 1900 had fifty-one million visitors. When visiting Paris, what fascinates the visitor?