Le Meurice Is A Paris Dining Pleasure

Le Meurice Restaurant scene looking at fireplace, Paris, Yannick Alléno, Chef des CuisinesLunch is a pleasurable experience at Le Meurice. It is not a stuffy place. The dining room atmosphere and the cordial staff prepare you for the moment when the first amuse-bouche arrives. One of the first things you are asked about dining with them is your allergy situation. Right away it is a hint of where you are going today. You are going to dine your way through a Japanese garden under French influence with those interested in your pleasure.

The subtle imprint of Philippe Starck’s designs blend in so well with the historical decor as to go unnoticed, but are there to be discovered. Of the couples dining, the female has the privilege of a comfortable white settee. The settees form a square in the center of the highly ornate room.

Chef Yannick Alléno takes us on an inspirational voyage. His art, presented on a plate, spoon, cup or a miniature Japanese garden is a masterpiece to admire and savor. You want to look at each piece as it arrives and not touch it until you have swept your eyes over every detail. As each selection arrives at the table, the server explains in detail what you will be eating and then you try to decipher the code and find each subtle flavor.

Chef Alléno discreetly steps out numerous times into the dining room to survey the situation of his diners. Later, he visits the tables to shake hands with each diner.

Each presentation is unique and no two tastes are the same. Although the lunch menu lists four courses, count on at least four temptations before you begin the appetizer and at least three moments of tasty decadence before the real dessert arrives.

The white Saint-Joseph we chose to accompany our May menu,  married perfectly with each vegetable, mousse, meat, fish and sweet.

Chef Alléno and the cordial, unpretentious staff make lunch at Le Meurice worth your time and satisfy your desire for a pleasant and reasonably priced Parisian dining experience.

The Lunch menu is called “le Dejeuner, Authentic Parisian Menu” and costs 78 euros.

Visit Le Meurice’s website for more information on their Monday through Friday serving times, the current menu details, profiles, and history. They will be closed from July 6 after dinner until September 6 and on certain holidays.

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