Olivier Giraud, Theatre de la Main d'Or, Paris

Comedy Review – Become Parisian In One Hour

Olivier Giraud, Theatre de la Main d'Or, Paris
100% French humor 100% in english 100% easy to understand for french !!!!

“How to become Parisian in one hour?” is the title of successful English one-man show that even the French can understand.

The title is said very French-like – as if you are stupid or something? “Pfew” – Yes, you will learn how to pronounce the sound and yes, the French can be arrogant so Olivier Giraud will show you how to become just like ‘zem!

No Paris theaters thought he could do this show in English and be successful (Being negative, is French, too). Olivier Giraud started his own company, La French Arrogance Productions, and took it on the road to the center of Paris – at the Théâtre de la Main d’Or near la Bastille.  Mr. Giraud brings his experience of living and working in the States and turns the show into a lesson plan for all nationalities.

His show is in two parts but with no intermission – I will not give anything away. You will have to see it for yourself. But you will learn how to not stand in line, how to be ignored in a store, the typical Parisian language, and facial expressions.


  • The small theater (250 seats) has a bar for refreshments that you can take inside with you.
  • The closer to the front of the line, the better the seat, the better your chances of sitting together, and the chance you will have a pillow to lean on.
  • Tickets purchase at the box office are full price. If you visit one of the ticket sites on the Web you can find them for less. Wherever people buy their tickets (we reserved and bought ours at the box office), the theater is packed.

“How to become Parisian in one hour?” is a very funny show. Olivier makes references to to nightclubs and searching for love. If you do not go to nightclubs often and are not looking for a lover, those portions can be a bit long. As you can see, it will not be for the ears of the innocent. It is a very entertaining show.

The show was to end June 30 2010, but was  extended through the summer of 2010 and it is still being extended! I think Olivier has a hit on his hands.


  • Colleen's Paris

    Hi Acchange4, TheTheatre de la Main d”Or link in the blog entry takes you the ticket purchase page with the calendar. Tickets are 15 euros. If you buy it there, you don’t even have to worry about the student discount. Helpful?

  • Andrew

    There is a student discount listed for 17 euros. Do you know what the requirements are for getting this discount? Will I need an ISIC card, or will my New York University ID work just as well? I’m an older graduate student, no longer look like a fresh-faced kid, alas. :)