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Apartment Crackdown In Paris

Facade Courtyard Boulevard Friedlander Doctor's Office_I receive letters asking my advice on apartments.

Example: Thanks for the info.  Do you know anything about www.xxxxx.com. They have beautiful apartments in great locations.  My only concern is that I just read in a travel magazine that it is illegal to rent apartments short term and the government is going to crack down on this.  I would hate to loose a reservation or deposit over something like this.  Let me know what you think if you have time.

Numerous agencies advertise on the internet. So many it makes you dizzy! My connection with any of the agencies is zero.

I read about the issue in a French newspaper and a few days later this appeared in the New York Times: To Address Its Housing Shortage, Paris cracks down on Pied-a-Terre Rentals.

I can say that there has been a crackdown on apartments that are purchased solely for the purposed of renting on a short term basis and essentially turning the apartment into a hotel without a license. There is a shortage of rental apartments for the people that live here.

Contact personally any agency you are thinking of renting from and receiving a guarantee of a place to stay in the event their client’s are shut down.

The alternative is to go with private individuals who rent out their flat while on vacation (where it is not a business); look into house swapping; or use a residence such as Citadines that is set up for the business and tourist trade and not someone who wants the rent to pay the mortgage.