School holidays in France and the USA
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Paris Travel Around French School Holidays

School holidays in France and the USA
Jardin du Luxembourg playground next door to the Desarthis marionettes theater

While trying to decide when to make a visit to the States, my first question is “when are the school holidays”? The second question should be “when are any of the holidays”

Although summer holidays are a well-known battle for air travel space, spring holidays are numerous and vary year to year. When is Easter? Will the US have holidays at the same time as Paris (Zone C)?

It is a mixed bag. This year I thought April would be the perfect time to travel. In looking at the French school holiday calendar , Spring holidays generally last practically two weeks in April – the US National holiday guide.

While I am adding these dates to my iCal, the following dates for holidays and national festivals are find a place in the calendar square: Winter holidays in Paris are February 12-28, 2011; summer holidays are July 2 – September 5, 2011.

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