Cherry flowers in the Trocadero Gardens Eiffel Tower in early April
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April Spring Easter Monday — Or Is It June in Paris?

Cherry flowers in the Trocadero Gardens Eiffel Tower in early AprilNo amount of heat or pollen is keeping Easter Monday Eiffel Tower visitors away. The temperature reads 25 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Farenheit), but the temperature feels much warmer in the sun. The allergy/pollen index is at “3” – above average according to AirParif. Judging by the sneezing going on, I would agree. The pollen is blowing, mixing with the dry yellow powdery sand. The picnickers abound and stick it out. Coming to Paris soon? Bring over your allergy tablets and take half a tablet before bed.

If you have allergies and are concerned about the pollen index, visit the AirParif Web site. They provide an English section, but not all pages have been translated. (Use Google Translate.) Scroll down the French page for the Paris allergy-pollen bulletin (Bulletin allergo-pollinique de Paris). You will see a table with dominant and secondary trees in the city and their pollen level. It does not list the flowers.

On the The Weather Channel Web site (France), look for the word health (Santé) under “Voyages”. Click on the Santé link.

On the next page type in “Paris, France” in the search box next to the white cross. You will see the section for quality of life in Paris, France today (Qualité de vie pour Paris, France). (The Weather Channel English Web site does not provide this information.)

Pain index (Indice des douleurs)
For those suffering from migraines and arthritis, the index is based on the weather. It is calculated based on barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature and winds. The scale is Ten (highest risk) to One (lowest risk).

Pollen index (Indice de pollen)
Very high risk (Risque très élevé)
High risk (Risque élevé)
Average risk (Risque moyen)
Small risk (Risque faible)
No risk (Aucun risque)
Grasses (Graminées)
Herbs (Herbacées)
Arbres (trees)

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