Sapeur Pompier demonstrating helmet on future rescuer recruit
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Journées du Patrimoine-Paris – How to Visit

Sapeur Pompier demonstrating helmet on future rescuer recruit

This year’s Journées du Patrimoine Web site is easy to use if you speak French. Instructions follow below. The alternatives to helping you decide where to go first are a visit to the culture office, newspapers, download applications or copy pages off the Internet.

If you have children with you, check the Web site Citizenkid (Use Google Translate) to read their suggestions for children six and up. The photo is at the Caserne Sévigné fire station (Hôtel Bouthillier-de-Chavigny, 9 Rue De Sévigné Paris 4th).

Culture Minster’s Office
Visit the Ministère de la Culture beginning the third week of August to find out information about the current Journées du Patrimoine in Paris. (3 Rue de Valois, 75001 Paris, Metro: Palais Royal or Musée du Louvre). Beginning in September, they will have a multi-page listing of the venues. On the minister’s pages, translate the French into English in the lower left side bar column.

Check the Thursday newspapers “Aujourd’hui“. “Le Parisien” or L’Etudiant” the weekend before the event for a hard copy of the addresses and times.

Go on line and use the search keywords “journees du patrimoine” for these newspapers every year. Chances are they will have a listing of patrimony openings in Paris (by arrondissement) and in France. You choose the “Ile-de-France”, “Paris 75” and then an “arrondissement number”.

Enlarge the map or scroll down for the list of open venues in that arrondissement. Choose one, for the days and times and a history.

Le Parisien has an application “LeParisien.sortie” to download on either iTunes or Samsung.

Alternative Online Information
Two other alternatives for help in finding information: (1) the iPhone and smartphone application “Patrimap” and (2) a sense of adventure.

The Download
Downloading the “Patrimap” is the easiest way to search for the story behind Paris patrimony anytime. The app is available on iTunes and for other smartphone downloads. On the iPhone/iTunes, it is located in the “Travel” section in English.

Once you open the application, “Patrimap” your top choice is “Nearby”. The app will read your location and list the venues in your vicinity and a short description about the place. It does not list the hours. It is useful even when it is not time for Journées du Patrimoine.

While in Paris, use the nearest park for a WiFi connection to avoid roaming charges or download an application to find Hotspots.

More Online Adventure
On the JEP Web sitese the thematic patrimony search engine (Recherche thématique. You want some place where waiting in line will not take all day.

Instructions to use JEP Web site
In the left menu block “Rechercher par“, choose Ile-de-France and Paris.

In the right menu block “Affiner la recherche“, try these search criteria:
Gratuit“, “ouverture exceptionnelle” (not usually open) “première ouverture” (open for the first time)

Under “animations spécifiques“, check “visite du lieu” (visiting the place) and “circuit” (the route).

The page that opens has a list places with the words “Paris” and the number of the arrondissement: “10ème” means 10th arrondissement.

Choose the words to the right “void la fiche“, which opens a page with the photo, the address, telephone number, Web site address and a brief description.

Once on this page, you can continue to the next patrimony (suivant) or return to the list (retour à la list).

This year, just enjoy the openings if you do not understand or read French. Michelin is working in partnership with these heritage days (journées du patrimoines). If you attempt to use Google Translate to read the descriptions in English on the Web, you are taken to the Michelin Web site in English, which has absolutely nothing to do with your current description.

During September the Mairie de Paris has a page in English for 2011 with a few highlighted suggestions. Download their helpful application for your smartphone. They have strolls around Paris, itineraries, and other guides available in English. Perhaps next year they will add the exact address and hours of each place open for the patrimony days.

Scenes from past Journées du Patrimoine: Société Générale and Sapeurs Pompiers at Caserne Sévigné in the 4th:


Stairway at Societe Generale-1905 Art Nouveau style

The safe at Societe Generale on Boulevard HaussmannEntry to the Safe at Societe GeneraleInterior of Societe Generale during guided visitMosaic floor in the Societe Generale - Boulevard HaussmannCentral Agency of Societe Generale-Art Nouveau 1905 styleSapeur Pompier demonstrating helmet on future rescuer recruitSapeurs Pompiers ready near their trucksCaserne Sevigne -Hôtel Bouthillier-de-ChavignySapeurs Pompier-old fire engine-Hôtel Bouthillier-de-Chavigny

Journees du Patrimoine 2011 poster






















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