Paris Cemetery Pere Lachaise Cloaked Figure
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Paris Cemetery Pere Lachaise Cloaked Figure

Père-Lachaise Color & Cemetery Information 2018 post

Cemeteries from the Mayor’s Office Web site

The Mayor’s Office has updated many of the Paris cemetery maps . Keep in mind some cemeteries are private or owned by churches and will not be listed on the Mayor’s page.

List of little known places from the Catholic Diocese of Paris. The list includes chapels, more or less private, with historical and artistic significance.

Find a Famous Grave in Paris Cemeteries

Pet Cemetery – MEMORY, 116 bis bd Voltaire, 92600 ASNIERES (in 2019 celebrating 150 years).

Cemetery Maps

Visit the Ville de Paris website page Cimetières for maps of the 20 cemeteries in Paris region (Plans des cimetières intramuros (au format pdf)

Auteuil Cemetery Map

Vaugirard Cemetery Map

Saint Vincent Cemetery Map

Père Lachaise Cemetery Map. Amis et Passionnés du Père-Lachaise (APPL) is a non-profit organizations founded in 2004 by a group of friends passionate about Pere Lachaise cemetery. Visit their APPL Facebook page for more information about Père-Lachaise (APPL).

Montparnasse Map of Personalities

Map of Women Buried in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris

Map  of Women Buried in Montmartre Cemetery

Montmartre Cemetery Map of Personalities

Picpus Cemetery Map

Picpus Cemetery History (French), Catholic Diocese of Paris

Montrouge Cemetery Map

Passy Cemetery Map

Grenelle Cemetery Map

Gentilly Cemetery Map

Charonne Cemetery Map

Information from the Web site Cimetières de France et d’ailleurs: (Use Google Translate)
Bercy , 39 rue de Charonton, Metro: Porte-de-Charonton.
Valmy (12th), 102 avenue de la Porte-de-Charonton, Metro: Porte de Charonton.
Sainte-Mande , rue de General-Archinard, Metro Porte Doree.
Batignolles , 8 rue Saint-Just, Metro: Porte de Clichy.
Calvaire (18th), 2 rue Mont-Cenis, Metro: Abbesses or Lamarck.
La Villette , 46 rue Hautpol, Metro: Ourcq.
Belleville , 40 rue du Telegraphe, Metro: Telegraphe.

Wikipedia references:
Near central Paris:
American National Cemetery – Suresnes American Cemetery
Batignolles Cemetery
Catacombs of Paris
Chapelle expiatoire
Cimetière de Grenelle
Communards’ Wall
Errancis Cemetery
Les Invalides
Madeleine Cemetery
Montmartre Cemetery
Montparnasse Cemetery – The Pigeon Story – Non-exploding gas lamp video
Panthéon, Paris
Passy Cemetery

Père Lachaise Cemetery

Oscar Wilde – David Downie’s story
Mayor of Paris page about why Oscar Wilde’s tomb had to be renovated (lipstick on his collar, on the mausoleum) (Use Google Translate)

Picpus Cemetery

Saint-Vincent Cemetery
Saints Innocents Cemetery