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A popular movie location at Cafés de l'Indusrie, BastilleA college class in statistics can be fun or not. Everyday statistics about Paris are very interesting and colorful. The Paris Tourist Office released its key figures or statistics about Paris, Parisians and tourists.

When questioned about discovering Paris, tourists said strolling through Paris is the principal reason for visiting Paris. Forty-six percent of Brazilians, Australians, Russians and Germans topped the list preferring this method to see Paris. Forty percent (Brazilian, Australian, Japanese and American) prefer visiting the Paris museums. Dutch, Chinese and British visitors prefer shopping. Gastronomy is an important factor for Americans, Japanese, Germans and Canadians.

The Paris transportation system carries three billion voyagers a year. Paris has 384 metro stations, 328 in Paris center.

Around the world, 30 cities are named “Paris”. Tourists and Parisians walk along 2,400 kilometers of sidewalks. Paris under ground consists of 300 kilometers of catacombs. Drinking water consumption is estimated at 560 million liters daily.

Paris has about 484,000 trees. 300,000 are in the Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne; 34,000 are in cemeteries. The 463 parks and gardens, Vincennes, Boulogne and the fourteen cemeteries cover 27% of Paris.

Two thousand animal species are found in Paris. Paris is home to 12 million domestic bees in 300 hives. There was once a peripheral train system in Paris. Between 500 and 1,000 bats live in the tunnels of this petite ceinture. In total about 100,000 bats inhabit the Ile-de-France department, which includes Paris.

After 6,500 years of history, Paris has 37 bridges, 120 statues in the Jardin des Tuileries, 200 churches, 137 museums and 36,000 works of art in the Louvre. It takes 2,500 liters of wax to shine the floors of the Louvre. The bouquinistes (book sellers with the green boxes) along the Seine number 217 operating out of 900 boîtes that contain about 300,000 books. The oldest house in Paris dates from 1407 and is located at 51 de la rue de Montmorency (Nicolas Flamel house) in the third arrondissement.

Of the films featuring Paris, 110 were motion pictures, 132 television programs and 161 short films. Film trails from the mayor’s office.

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  • Sandy Allain

    Interesting trivia. That sure sounds like a lot of people. I would think that they have more films than that though given the fact that it is the city of love. It is nothing short of inspiring wouldn’t you say?