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Impressionist Influences on Hopper and on Fashion

Hopper - Impressionism & Fashion, two Paris exhibitsEdward Hopper” (Extended to February 3) and “Impressionism and Fashion” are two current and popular Paris exhibitions. Both exhibits are worth the visit. They are both “firsts”. The Grand Palais exhibit of Hopper is the first major Paris retrospective. The Musée d’Orsay exhibit of Impressionism and Fashion is the first time fashion is highlighted in association with Impressionist painters. It is an “unusual change” from Impressionist-era paintings, sculptures and photographs.

The “What If’s”
What if you are not visiting Paris right now?
What if you do not have three to four hours to wait in line for the Hopper exhibit?
What if you are visiting Paris highlights and not museums?

“What If” Solutions
Download the Hopper audio guide, complete with art work as an application on iTunes: “Hopper, the Audio Guide” (available in either English or French). Listen to it anytime.

The Impressionism and Fashion exhibition is traveling to New York and Chicago. If Paris is any indication, this will be a VERY popular exhibition. The title of the exhibition at both museums is: “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity” Metropolitan Museum of Art, February 26 to May 27, 2013; The Art Institute of Chicago, June 30 to September 22, 2013.


You Want to Visit Hopper AnywayEdward Hopper, Girlie ShowRobert le Diable, Degas
Bring your downloaded audio guide and begin listening to the commentary if you have not pre-purchased a ticket for Hopper.

For exhibitions at the Grand Palais, skip past the long ticket line with the museum card “Sésame” (sayzam). The pass is priced for adults, 13-15 year olds and 16-25, inclusive. Buy the Sesame on line or at one of the Grand Palais entrances. The RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais) recommends going to the Clemenceau corner entrance.

When you walk down the long, dark hall of the gallery, visitors will be congregating at the end watching the slideshow of Matthew Brady and Edward Hopper. Pass in front and continue around for a better and less crowded vantage point.

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Impressionism and Fashion

You Want to Visit Impressionism and Fashion AnywayThe Shop Girl 1883 – 1885, James Tissot
The Musée d’Orsay fashion exhibit audio guides are sold at the entrance to the exhibit, not at the entrance to the museum. Go down the main stairs to the center of the museum. For the fashion exhibit, the museum recommends visiting during lunch time (noon to two). All of the tour groups are there first thing at the opening. I can attest to this.

For details of the Impressionism/Fashion exhibit, read about the Impressionism and Fashion highlights in the museum’s detailed description (in English).

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