Paris Ganesh Festival - Every September Temple Ganesh 10th arrondissement

Photography in Paris

Paris Ganesh Festival - Every September Temple Ganesh 10th arrondissement
Paris Ganesh Festival is held every September. Parade begins and ends at Temple Ganesh 10th arrondissement

Paris Ganesh Festival is held every September. Parade begins and ends at Temple Ganesh 10th arrondissement

How do you take a good photo of Paris? I take photos in Paris all the time. I look at other photographer’s photos and sometimes wonder how they did it. Photo styles vary. But with the numerous photography tours in Paris, you will find your style.

A tour is probably a good way to see Paris from all angles, from a new viewpoint, in the early morning when Paris is just waking up and the streets are quiet.

The following information is not all-inclusive, but it is a start. It will either list photographers with whom I have come into contact or Websites that I find interesting.

The Website, “A Photographer’s Guide to Paris” gives the reader tips on how to take standard photos in various settings. Some of the factual information is out of date (Brentano’s, for example; or an interior shot of Musée d’Orsay). The photo tips never grow old.

Are you interested in reading about photography tips in French or learning terminology? Pick up a copy of “Chasseur d’images”. It is now available in the “pocket” (smaller format). Tucks easily into a purse.

Paris photos
David Henry has a nice collection of Paris photos as well as Parisians. David also offers one-on-one sessions as well for aspiring Parisian photographers and tailors the course to your needs.

In addition, David acts as your tourist guide by recounting the history of what you will be shooting. Some useful contact information: Phone: 01 72 78 27 26 in France; 331 72 78 27 26 outside France
Portable: 06 33 65 51 19

David Henry’s Photo Workshops
Get to know your beloved yet still mysterious digital camera, and discover Paris beyond the usual clichés!
Thanks to a teaching method perfected over the last five years, learn the technical subjects of photography in a succinct and efficient way, and move on quickly to more exciting subjects, such as composition, framing and esthetic considerations.

He has published in the Traveler’s Companion series of tourism/travel guide books, writes about visual artists and new technology and what it is like taking photos in Paris. Photoshop lessons include Web site preparation.

360 Panoramic photos of Paris monuments & 360 pictures
The official artistic Paris 360 panoramic photos Web site by Timothée Eisenegger: Paris monuments as Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Paris bridges, famous churches, parks and gardens, covered passage ways, Paris by night.

Photo Tour of Paris
Guided tours of Paris, for beginners and advanced, where you will improve your camera skills, compose great shots and even learn about French history

Lisa Colvert
Perhaps you are in Paris and want to work on a Master of Fine Arts Degree. Visit her site for more information about online studies.

I maintain MFA Degree. I have spent many years teaching both visual and performing arts, and I love my field of work. I decided to make a Web site to help up and coming artists who are looking for an MFA degree program.

MFA Degree (Accredited Online MFA Degree) has become a passion project of mine, and I think it provides a wealth of information to anyone interested in getting a masters of fine arts degree.” — Lisa Colvert

Pamela Jane Photography
Living in the heart Deux-Sèvres in the beautiful Poitou Charentes South West France since 2004 and finding much to explore in just our area, my passion for photography has grown.  I have found that with a love of nature and of my adopted country, I now encapsulate all things around me that I would like to share.

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