Brochure drawing of the Chimère Orchestra and l'homme-oiseau parade ©ArtsForainsMuseum/demainonchangetout
Christmas,  Going Out

Balade de l’homme-oiseau at Musée des Arts Forains-Spectacular event!

Brochure drawing of the Chimère Orchestra and l'homme-oiseau parade ©ArtsForainsMuseum/demainonchangetout
Drawing of the Chimère Orchestra at Musée des Arts Forains

You have to see the «Balade de l’homme-oiseau», a radio and woman-powered marionette/puppet at the Musée des Arts Forains! If you are in Paris during the Christmas holidays, there is still time to visit this fairground art museum. Another opportunity is at the circus parade along the Champs-Elysées January 1 between 11:30 and 15:00 you will also see the “Man-bird”. If you cannot make it to Paris, watch the YouTube video (set the YouTube settings wheel to 720p HD).

For the up close and personal view, otherwise, the paper chimera and the musicians appear four times a day at the Bercy Village museum. The first promenade is around 11:00, the next times to watch for the parade are: 14:00, 16:00 and 17:45. They set up in the courtyard of the Salons des Vénitiens. Read about the 2013 event “Le Festival des Merveilleux” on Colleen’s Paris.

The bird man is made of paper and was “born” in 2012. Every year it will grow a little bit more, according to the museum spokeswoman.

The man bird (l’homme oiseau) is a personification of an imaginative creature. The museum’s fantasy “L’homme oiseau” is a chimera (the parts are of different beings, in this case the head and hands of a human with the body of a bird) who brings crazy ideas to you, is drunk with liberty, and eager to make discoveries. He has chosen a lively, toe-tapping melody to capture and take you away. Benoit Hamelin

Cast: Sarah Letouzey, Maxime Gillet, Bastien Lacoste, Florent Maton, Arnaud Roman, Gino Dominique Bilheur, Jean-Paul Favand, Samuel Herault, Pierre Henry, Anaïs Besse, François Orange, Eric De Sarria, Patricio Luango, Patrick Cuvelier. Contact : / 06 84 69 82 39