Wine Tasting in Paris On the Seine

Wine Tasting in Paris evening on the Batostar with Thierry Givone, Jennifer and Katy from Pennsylvania, Belile and Monique from New York and ColleenSit by the Seine, be introduced to and déguster champagne, white and red wines, for a couple of hours. Watch the boats go by and the Paris evening lights illuminate. Welcome to Wine Tasting In Paris.

Burgundian raised, Thierry Givone, has a passion: Introducing beginners to his passion for French wines. His presentation is light and easy to understand. When you go to someone’s home or a restaurant, you will know the basics: Understanding the age, the method and the bubbles in champagne, wine’s color and interpreting its meaning, how to play with the palate’s senses and look at the “legs” (or “tails” as one of the tasters imagined them). Thierry answers questions when asked. His presentation moves along while the classroom, the Batostar, is docked near the Pont Marie.

And to keep things from getting too serious, passing boats lightly stir up and rock the Batostar. The movement brings smiles and commentaries from the tasters. The evening is fun and relaxed.

We are were five on a winter evening, me from the Bastille, a couple from New York, two students from Pennsylvania. Thierry, an oenologist, introduced us to wines that you will not find just anywhere. You could say they come from off-the-beaten path wineries. His wine source, Hervé Bonal, found gems for us from small, quality vineyards. The villages are not household names, but provided a broad sampling to test our taste buds.

The six glasses included a champagne from Ville sur Arce, a Loire from Noyer sur Cher, a Burgundy from Macon-Cluny and one from Rully, a Bordeaux from Saillans, and a Côtes du Rhône from Rasteau. The girls from Pennsylvania decided to buy a bottle of the smooth, small bubble champagne. It was too good to pass up.

Thierry’s tastings are on Tuesdays between 4:30 p.m and 7:00 p.m. You can read more on TripAdvisor Wine Tasting in Paris.
Wine Tasting In Paris
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