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The Paris “Honeymoon” to Daily Routine Transition

MonaLisa-2_sonnydavisDonne Davis sent me this recap, along with her husband’s cartoons, of her recent Paris visit. Being in Paris with Sonny was Donne’s fantasy come true. They spent ten days in a charming apartment a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower celebrated their 45-year honeymoon.

Three years ago, she wrote about the ways to beat the post vacation blues. She was now going to have to follow her own formula.

For Donne, recovering from Paris jet lag took as many days as her trip. As soon as she returned, the search was on for the energy she left behind in Paris. She was going through the “re-entry blahs”.

Perhaps she was missing that Paris energy for scurrying around checking out landmarks and metro stations.

Read about her visit, Transitioning from Paris Honeymoon to Daily Routine, her morning patisserie enjoyments, the pleasures she derived from the spontaneous Paris energy and her advice as she shares this recent pleasure.

7 Ways to Beat the Post Vacation Blues

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