Balloon clown at Pompidou Centre signing balloons for two children
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Anglo Associations in Paris

Balloon clown at Pompidou Centre signing balloons for two childrenDo you have someone in your family who wants to be a nanny or work in Paris? Do you know the rules for temporary employment? There are a couple of publications, websites and a wealth of Anglo organizations in Paris that might be able to help. Two good sources for basic information are AngloInfo Paris and the FUSAC (French USA Contacts) on line magazine. Both have employment directories, apartment rental information, classifieds for household goods, etc.

AngloInfo’s list for information includes: Moving, Housing, Working, Money, Family, Healthcare, Transport and Lifestyle. They have tips on Advertising, Franchising and translations. Want to move or work somewhere else in France or the world? Paris AngloInfo links to AngloInfo France and AngloInfo Worldwide in the Global Expat Network.

Less in depth and concentrating on Paris, FUSAC runs classifieds in French and English, Paris tips, books, history, photo ideas, staying connected with UK and US TV, blog entries with “Local Color”, a book corner, etc.

A mom wrote inquired about her daughter working as a nanny:

I was thinking it would be a wonderful experience for her if she could be a nanny in Paris for the summer! Do you think a possibility? She speaks no French, but she is great with children. She is certified in CPR/ First Aid and has babysat and taught tennis through the Recreation Department for 5 years. If you have any work ideas please let me know, she would be very interested in any job you might think of.

This is the list I sent to her. Use your browser search for the website address:

AAROWomen of the American ChurchAmerican CathedralAmerican Church in ParisAmerican Hospital in Paris

American Library in Paris

American University of Paris

American Women’s Group

(AWG Paris)

AngloInfo Paris

Australian Embassy

American Wives Overseas Association (AAWE Paris)

British and Commonwealth Women’s Association

British Charitable Fund

British Council (Paris)

British Embassy

British in France

Canadian Club

Canadian Women’s Group

Cancer Support France

Dear Conjunction

Toastmasters 75 Club



English Speaking UnionENPC School of International ManagementErmitage International SchoolEuropean Womens NetworkParisFACTFBCCIInternational Counselling Service

Junior Service League of Paris

Marymount School

Mona Bismarck American Centre

Notre Dame International High School

Paris Writers’News

Republicans Abroad

Democrats Abroad

Saint Michael’s Church

Saint Mark’s Church

Saint Joseph’s Church

United States Embassy

Western Paris School

WICE Paris

Kehilat Gesher Synagogue

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Union of Overseas Voters