Taking a break during the photo session Port des Champs Elysées
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Paris Photo Walk at Pont Alexandre III

On a Thursday night, I met up with other photographers in Paris near the Pont Alexandre III. The bridge connects to Avenue Winston Churchill. We met at Mr. Churchill’s statue on the grounds of the Petit Palais. The idea of this meet up was to photograph movement along the quais between the bridge Alexandre III and Pont Royal near Musée d’Orsay. It gave me an opportunity to meet other photographers and test my powerful compact Lumix on manual mode using a tripod. Not dressed warm enough, I only made it to Place de la Concorde. If anyone wants to capture a variety of wedding gowns or kissing couples on the bridge and under it, the Pont Alexandre III with its sculptures galore is the place.

P1670816 PontAlexIII P1670821 PontAlexIIILouvre P1670844 PontAlexIIIwedding P1670862 PontAlexIIIquai P1670872 PontAlexIIIquai P1670887 PontAlexIIIquaigirlPP2 P1670897 PontAlexIII P1670903 PontAlexIIIeast P1670904 PontAlexIIIboatPP P1670907 LesBergesrivegauche P1670910 PontAlexIIIEiffelPP P1670935 PontAlexIIIfluidPP
Eiffel Tower as a backdrop to Pont Alexandre III on a Paris photo night walk capturing movement as a boat cruises by