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Un Picasso – Play at Theatre de Nesle

Un-Picasso-affiche-FINAL-flammes-70-dpi-688x1024Paris is a small world. I was on an art tour at the Musée d’Orsay with Chris Boïcos Paris Art Studies early Tuesday morning. Chatting with one of those on the visit, he gave me a flyer for the play “Un Picasso (A Picasso)”. That evening, I attended a vernissage at Chris’ Fine Arts Gallery. I joined a conversation with Chris and Steven Ullman. Well, wouldn’t you know!! Steven talked about his current play. I was now speaking with the director of the play “Un Picasso (A Picasso)”. Fresh from performances in Los Angeles the play begins October 22 at the Theatre de Nesle, Paris.

What’s it about
“A Picasso” is set in Paris during 1941 where Pablo Picasso (played by Charles Fathy) is under arrest and is being interrogated by Mademoiselle Fischer (played by Natalia Lazarus). She needs Picasso to authenticate three of his recently confiscated paintings so they can be showcased in a “degenerate art show.” If he does, the works will be destroyed in a bonfire….”

From October 22 to November 15, 2015 there is a chance to choose whether to see the play in either French or English. There will be apecial Friday night show, October 30 in English (not French that night) 9 pm.

And the first review — it’s a positive one from l’OBS!
The play focuses on Picasso’s artwork, including Guernica and how his paintings shaped many political views while he lived in Nazi-occupied Paris. Although a fictitious work, the playwright, Jeffrey Hatcher drew inspiration from Picasso’s artwork. “Picasso was the inhabitant of the Nation of Picasso, with a citizenship of one; in that sense, he was the perfect Modern artist: self-involved, obsessed with form, and averse to politics. And then he painted Guernica,” explains Hatcher. Review L’OBS Un Picasso Review English Theatre de Nesle or the l’OBS review in the original French version.


Written by Jeffrey Hatcher, directed by Steven Ullman and Natalia Lazarus and starring Natalia Lazarus and Charles Fathy. The shows are Thursday to Saturday at 9 pm in French and Sunday at 7 pm in English. TICKETS 20-25€

Theatre de Nesle
8 rue de Nesle 75006 Paris
Metro Odeon or Pont Neuf
Paris: October 22 – November 15, 2015
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 21h00 in French
(They have added a special English language performance for Friday, 30 October at 21h00 (9 pm)
Sunday at 19h00 in English