Poster for Aiguille en fete the needlework trade show with studios
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Needlework Fair (Aiguille en Fête) February

Poster for Aiguille en fete the needlework trade show with studiosIt’s that time again for speed knitting, home spun yarn, lace, all sorts of needle craft, buttons, ribbons, patchwork, fabric, needles, hooks, threads, and sewing machines at Aiguille en Fête, February 4-7, 2016.

This is the annual needlework trade show with studios, workshops and lots of color! Porte de Versailles, Paris and 250 exhibitors from around the world (list in the Aiguille en Fête catalog page). Special exhibition 2016 is Tréors Mayas (Mayan Treasures), a tradition of needlework for three thousand years. The trade show has an agenda of special needlework events and exhibitions.Notice for Aiguille en fete - needlework trade show Porte de Versailles 2016

For you speed knitters, the 2015 results are documented. Catherine Bouënard has held the winning tricot crown since 2013. The rules of the competition require the greatest number of stitches in a row during three minutes. Each row counts 60 stitches using needles No. 4.

You can buy your single or multiple-day Aiguille en Fête tickets in advance or on the day of your visit with a discount for Friday night between 6 pm and 9 pm; special discounts for students and under 12 is free.

I will not be in Paris. Be sure too share your photos with me for next year’s posting!

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