Photo of lecturer Edith during Coco Chanel lecture
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Roaring Twenties Paris with Edith

Edith Vie Parisienne 3373Often it is the Expats who write Paris blogs. Now you can get the true French stories directly from a Parisienne’s pen. Her pen name “Edith” comes from Edith Piaf. Both women were born on the same rue de Belleville street, although as Edith says on her Edith’s Paris blog, they are not of the same vintage.  “Edith” is passionate about French culture and French history.

She lectures at the  “La Vie Parisienne” MeetUp and gives guided tours. Edith is currently working on her guide/lecturer diploma, Licence Professionnelle de Guide Conférencier. At the same time she is beginning a video career with her first video “Paris in the Roaring Twenties“.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy Edith’s French touch and wit. My first contact with Edith was a storytelling evening about Coco Chanel at Brand Strategist Bernadette Martin‘s home. Read about Edith on her Website, Edith’s Paris … Paris Stories Through History and how she took her law degree in hand and unlocked the doors to linguistics, teaching and lecturing. All of this talent is going to culminate in a rewarding, fun and informative experience for you.