Rosemary Flannery’s Angels of Paris

cover of Rosemary Flannery's Angels of Paris Architectural Tour through the history of ParisHow do you view Paris? With an angel on her shoulder, Rosemary Flannery views Paris through angel eyes. Rosemary is the author of the book, “Angels of Paris, an Architectural Tour through the History of Paris”. Rosemary wrote the text and took the photos, even if it included carrying a ladder around to get the best angle of an angel. I only recently discovered this book, a little slow on my part, but that shows the timelessness of a subject that dates back to the high days of Greece and shows up in religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Angel in church of Saint Louis en l'Isle fourth arrondissement, Paris from 1675

Angel in Baroque church of Saint Louis en l’Isle fourth arrondissement, Paris from 1675-Not in Rosemary’s book – too many angels in Paris!

I love this book! Each entry is an angel sculpture location in Paris. Each entry comes with a photo, the address and metro, architectural description of the building and timeline history. “Angels of Paris” is a compact, easy to carry reference and guide

Rosemary and her ladder during investigative photography at Notre-Dame de Paris

Rosemary and her ladder during investigative photography at Notre-Dame de Paris

book. Next to my bed, I can read a different angel story each night. At a book signing for the release of the new French edition clothed in red, I picked up an English version as a gift to take to the States. My resistance and absorption was complete. With an email to Rosemary, I was meeting her for a signed copy of my own at her favorite café, Illy on rue Auber.

In an interview with Judy MacMahon of My French Life™, Rosemary said her interest in angels was piqued by a huge angel atop a tall column in the Parc Montsouris, near where she used to live. She then began to notice many different types of angels illustrated in architecture all over Paris. Her favorite angels are the four musicians that flank the entrance of the of what was a medieval auberge (small hotel and restaurant) in the Marais.

For architectural angel tours and other Passport to Paris tours with Rosemary you can find her on Passport to Paris TripAdvisor. Contact Rosemary Flannery if you would like a signed copy of “Angels of Paris”.