There’s No Place Like – Brings back Memories

Sam Elwiin as Jordan, Lilac Yosiphon as Hannah cast and crew for There's No Place Like, Café du Theatre, Paris France

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Last night I enjoyed the play, “There’s No Place Like” at Café du Theatre. Two shows tonight, January 21 (7:30 pm and 9:30 pm –  Reservations through the café at 01 42 06 33 37).

I heard  many familiar memories from my own past. If you are or have been an expat from any country, hoped for a visa, wanted a foreign passport, wished you could move and claim a new country as home, were ready to work hard and faced government rejection or hesitation, have been involved romantically, had to choose your path, were ever a 20 or 30-year old in any of these situations, you will identify with “There’s No Place Like”. Lilac Yosiphon’s play is written from experience.

The play is very contemporary because it is ageless. The situations introduced in one hour have probably been happening to many a back-packer, person with wanderlust, or seekers of new cultures as long as travel has existed. The story traces Lilac Yosiphon as Hannah, and Sam Elwin as Jordan, over a ten-year period in the setting of a pub, for which Café du Theatre (Metro: Strasbourg Saint-Denis, 17 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris) serves as a perfect backdrop.

I my own life, I really wanted a European passport and I wanted to obtain it without having to get married. My first European experiences were in Germany, and I knew I wanted to come back to Europe. My mother was with me in Paris and always remembered my saying that I wanted to live in Paris. It can happen to anyone. And it happens and has happened to many women I continue to meet. Enjoy the show!

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Marianne Mayer, Mike Cole (Directors), Marcus Frewin-Ridley, Sam Elwiin as Jordan, Lilac Yosiphon as Hannah