Place des Vosges lawn with art work on COP21 theme from Ateliers Beaux Arts, Ville de Paris art courses
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Place des Vosges as an Art Gallery

Art galleries surround Place des Vosges. I enjoyed an art gallery set up on the park grounds the other day. On my way to Monoprix Saint Paul, the colorful stakes with art in their wood rectangles contrasted with the grey sky. Playing on the art form “still life”, the theme written on the small blackboard said: “nature (pas encore) morte” – nature (not yet) dead.

Reading further about the beaux-arts ateliers on line, they are not all leisurely art classes. Les Ateliers Beaux-Arts offers preparatory classes for students preparing for higher studies in career arts.

The works displayed in the Square Louis XIII are by current students in one of the art courses in Les Ateliers Beaux-Arts. The still life theme is in the scope of COP21 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change).

Les Classes préparatoires prepare students for higher studies at the écoles supérieures d’art, d’architecture/design d’espace et de l’image (universities of art, architecture/spatial design, and image), which is limited to fifty students. The competition for entry into the program will limit each section to ten to twenty students. The preparatory classes have an eighty-five to one hundred percent success rate.

Every year, the city offers art courses at sixteen locations in Paris. Applications are now available for the 2016-2017 classes (in French).

In the beaux-arts section, eighty-five courses/workshops are being offered for amateur artists over eighteen. Some courses include drawing, painting, illustration, lithograph, etching, sculpture, 3-D art, molding, art textile, animated film, cartooning, introduction to architecture, art history, choral singing, etc.

The three-hour courses are held Monday to Saturday, generally in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon or morning, between September 28 and June 30 (no classes during school holidays).

Further information
Ateliers Beaux-Arts Ville de Paris  for links to applications, brochures, courses offered and tarif information for regular and preparatory classes.

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