Fixed Taxi Fare Between Paris and Airports

Fixed Paris taxi fare from right bank plus supplement for reserving day of reservationBeing stuck in traffic to the airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle one day last year, an anxious feeling came over me. The taxi meter kept counting, the fare kept mounting. I could not solve this mystery because I had no clues! It was now showing thirty euros over what I expected to pay. As we pulled up to the terminal, eighty euros was the final total plus my suitcase. Those days of the mystery taxi fare to or from an airport ended March 1, 2016.

The set rate to and from my apartment on the right bank is now fifty euros. A supplement is charged if you order a taxi the day of departure (four euros); any day prior (seven euros) and pick up on the street (zero euro). From the left bank, the flat rate is fifty-five euros. Additional fare information for Orly and explanations can be found on the G7 website for Paris Taxi Fares. One of our readers, Madelyn, suggested LeCab as an alternative to G7 for fixed prices within Paris and to and from the airports.

The Paris Mayor’s Office launched a Mairie de Paris – special taxi booking service without the supplement.

With the plethora of private taxis, the Parisian taxi monopoly has awakened to the dawn of competition.

Book a taxi on the G7 Book a Taxi page

The official site for French law (French Service-public page) includes the new rates between Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly, supplemental charges and distance rates within Paris. These figures may change each year when taxi rates are adjusted in each of France’s departments (Ile-de-France is department number 75).

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