Salon du Chocolat Junior new addition to the 2016 Paris edition
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Salon du Chocolat Junior is New Addition

Salon du Chocolat Junior new addition to the 2016 Paris edition
Salon du Chocolat Junior new addition to the 2016 Paris edition

On Sunday evening, the opportunity arose to visit the last opening hours of the Salon du Chocolat. The show continues through November 1 in Pavilion 5, Porte de Versailles and is a five-day event that began the 27th of November. My goal this year: See what is happening at the Salon du Chocolat Junior on the main level.

For the first time in 2016, the Salon du Chocolat Junior, gives young chocophiles the chance to sign up for pastry classes, Choco-Tours of the salon wearing cooking toques, workshops, visit the beauty boutique with delicious chocolate treatments, enjoy cultural heritage and entertainment activities with African cocoa-producing countries and watch the production line of turning cocoa into chocolate. Phew!!! Lots to do!Atelier des sens

Because the Junior edition is new in 2016, a new family pricing pack went into effect: Family Pack = 2 Adults + 2 Children from 3 to 12.

Tip for this visit and future visits
Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend (Toussaint) is crowded on the upper level. This year the entertainment and runway was moved to the back of the hall instead of the center. However, the staircase that leads to the main level (rez-de-chaussée) is centered right by the crowds watching the shows. Once you enter, stay to your right to reach the staircase.

Buy your tickets in advance and enter on the ground level (rez-de-chaussée) avoiding the crowds on the upper level.

If you are looking for a vendor or manufacturer from last year, check the program. I wanted to buy chocolate from Willie’s Cacao (bean to bar); but alas, not this year. Visit the website in advance to see which vendors are appearing this year.

Follow the Salon du Chocolat web links for events and program listings to time your activities.

Get ready and plan lots of time for lots of chocolate tastings! The chocolate weekend events are Lyon is November 11-13, Cité Internationale and Beirut November 17-19. And for Paris? There is always next year for the 23rd edition!

p.s. The Foire d’Automne (mini-Foire de Paris home show) takes place at the same time as the Salon du Chocolat.