Image from Foire de Paris website new for 2017 Déco Village
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Foire de Paris 2017-Successful Treasure Hunt

Image from Foire de Paris website new for 2017 Déco VillageEach year it seems I have a list of items to look for at the Foire de Paris (Paris Home Show until May 8). Every year nine out of ten of the 500,000 visitors buys something from one of the 1,700 stands. One third of the visitors have a home improvement project in mind when they walk through the entry gates. (How to Find Tickets)

This year was no different for me. My list of treasures to hunt for included tangible and visionary items: A new shopping basket because my handles pulled away from the threads. Found it in the Madagascar section of Pavillon 4. I am designing a desk and am looking for chairs to accommodate the design (I need a “snack” style; between a bar stool and a chair). We are downsizing the sizes of furniture. In Pavillon 3 I found people to talk about the ideas in Pavillon 3. For renovating our front two rooms, I found the design and architectural help necessary with “Rencontre un Archi” (meet an architect) in the Village Déco section.

Extra treasures were the homemade Guadeloupe coconut ice cream in Pavillon 4 and virtual reality in Pavillon 7.2. A friend texted that I had to visit Kazabokit in the Guadeloupe section (her home island) and try the ice cream. I was in time for the fresh batch.

I had watched a segment on the breakfast show, Télématin. about playing in virtual reality. First day, no lines, and had a chance to try it twice with TKorp. They sent me the video. Are you interested in inventions? Visit the Concours Lépine corner – Map for Concours Lépine 2017.

During a quick, last minute pass through of Village Déco at Foire de Paris, I heard a familiar voice. It was Stéphane Thébaut, the Foire ambassador. He is an emblematic presenter and specialist in decoration and interiors on La Maison France 5 (LMF5). He was answering questions and giving advice.

That was three unexpected surprises for the day. As Stéphane Plaza another television real estate idol (not there) would say: “It is the cherry on the cake” (only with a French accent)!

After four and a half hours this second day, it was time to leave … until next year.

Foire de Paris
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