Lulu dans ma rue homepage for help at home Saint-Paul, Villiers and Commerces areas
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Use Lulu Dans Ma Rue When You Need Help

Lulu dans ma rue homepage for help at home Saint-Paul, Villiers and Commerces areas
Lulu was a success!
Each time Lulu Anna made a visit, we received an email with the date and time of the visit. At the end of her plant watering activity and our vacation period, we received a recap (récapitulatif) and cost for each visit.
Because we had some specific watering techniques at the beginning, we offered to pay her an additional ten euros and that was reflected officially on the document. Our orchids needed a special weekly bath; the other plants a good watering twice a week.
Image of our flowers and strawberries watered thanks to Lulu Dans Ma Rue
We came back from vacation for the first time with plants blooming and fruit on the vine!
Lulu Anna came over and we paid what was remaining after the initial deposit and took the keys back. Voilà! Happy with Lulu Dans Ma Rue.
How it started
From our balconettes (Parisian wrought iron window fences), we are enjoying our carrots – getting fatter every day, fresh cherry tomatoes, and wild strawberries; the plants are blooming. BUT who will water them while we are on vacation? Lulu Anna.
Image of our orchids weekly watering with Lulu Anna from Lulu Dans Ma Rue
Image of Flowers and tomatoes, carrots growing in the background
The city of Paris (Mairie de Paris) is in partnership with the association Lulu dans ma rue (Lulu on my street). Need a helping hand taking things to the cellar (cave)? Ironing? Water your plants? Clean the house? Computer help?  Assemble your easy-to-assemble new furniture? Handy work around the house? Sewing? Cook your food? Be a server at your party? Walk your dog? And the list goes on! Each service has its Lulu dans ma rue price either by the half hour or the visit. You can even start your own micro-business and become a Lulu.**

How Lulu Works

Image by Nicolas Tronc of Lulu dans ma rue kiosk at Metro Saint-Paul for services at home
Call the “concierge” who collects the information and puts you in contact with a Lulu.
Every Lulu is insured, reports their earnings and you receive fifty percent off your taxes. There is a “paper trail” of contact information with emails from the first moment you call the “concierge”. Once the concierge finds a Lulu for your required dates, the Lulu sends you an SMS to set up a meeting date to discuss the particulars. The Lulu comes to your home, you decide whether the key stays with the city’s kiosk (currently three according to your neighbourhood) or goes directly to the Lulu, determine payment (we paid half in advance for watering our plants) and determine the dates the visits should be made.
map image of Lulu kiosks Saint-Paul, Villiers
Image of the recap of our bill for watering plants using Lulu Dans Ma Rue
A recap of Lulu Anna’s visits

The kiosks currently are near Metro Saint-Paul, Metro Villiers, and Metro Commerce. Contact the concierge at Lulu dans ma rue to find out if your arrondissement has a kiosk (more will be added) or is covered by an existing kiosk. If not, not to worry, you can still receive help but the service charge will be a little higher. Call 01 73 74 89 52 for all your questions.


Video of the Lulu story 

The concept of Lulu dans ma rue is about socialising the neighbourhood/quartier; locals helping each other, lending a hand. The video Lulu dans ma rue – c’est l’histoire d’un quartier  explains (in French) the story (click on the “CC” icon of the video for French captions.
Charles Edouard Vincent began the Lulu dans ma rue association in April 2015 in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. Beginning with the enthusiastic support of about one hundred people, the concept of the non-profit was and is to bring together the neighbourhoods and the inhabitants. Each individual can render mutual services and avoid isolation.

Be a Lulu

** Want to be a Lulu in your neighbourhood and put your skills to work, have experience, set your hours, receive help setting up your micro-business from the association, attend commercial and technical workshops, and earn between 8 and 30 euros an hour? Follow the Lulu toolbar option “Devenez Lulu” (become a Lulu).
Lulu dans ma rue
01 73 74 89 52