Pere Noel and La Poste Secretariat opens today November 9 for letters to Santa
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Time to Write to the North Pole – Père Noël (Father Christmas) is Back in Business

Every year La Poste changes its method to play and write to Santa (Père Noël). The site opens on the ninth of November. In 2020 the object was to find the hidden “lutin” (elves) and put them in the sack. Although the advent calendar is almost finished, try to open the page and learn how to say Merry Christmas in 24 different languages.

Don’t complain about a full email inbox. Last year, Père Noël (Santa Claus) received around 91,000 emails once the season opened. And it is that time again. Madame and Père Noël’s post office opened November 9. This year, you can email or send a colourful paper letter.

Get out the crayons and colourful ideas. The secretariat is part of la Poste France. The elves are working in Libourne in the Gironde region. According to, 1.2 million children from over 140 countries wrote paper wish letters addressed to “Père Noël”. Traditional letters in an envelope are accepted. Be sure to include your full name and return address. From outside France, include Libourne, Gironde, France on the envelope addressed to Père Noël. Parents, send an email from the LaPoste site as a back up.

On the LaPoste website, when your tots write online, the first thing they have to do is choose either the boy or the girl. They color by pressing the arrow and choosing the body parts and clothes. They can write five lines maximum in the message.

While the children are waiting for Christmas they can play the games on the Père Noël/La Poste website. Instructions for using the site are included in the help page (in French)

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