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Jounaliste, Influenceur or Pigiste for Foire de Paris

Image from Foire de Paris 2018 website with datesIt is time to prepare for another gigantic Paris home show. While applying for my 2018 Foire de Paris press accreditation, I found a new category. Joining the list of journaliste (journalist) and pigiste (free-lancer) is the influenceur*. Usually I think of the marketing influencers for Fashion Week. But if you love to cook, design, check out the future through inventions, are curious about appliances and world cultures you probably follow an influencer on social media.

The first Foire de Paris, was held in 1904 at Carreau du Temple in the third arrondissement. The annual event moved to its present location at Porte de Versailles in 1924. You can read more about the Foire’s history (in English). About two weeks before the event’s opening, the television magazine Tele7jours will have a two-for-one coupon on its cover. Check the Foire website periodically for special two-for-one offers or sign up for their newsletter for updates.

More fun reading from the 2017 Foire de Paris.

*Influenceur is the French marketing term; Influence marketing is the Anglo term. An influencer is someone who has a strong presence in the social media channels who is able to influence buying behavior and consumption of of their followers. All of this and I just wanted to apply for accreditation.

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