Image Post Card Croissant French flag card Made in France Colleen's Paris
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Quirky Paris Souvenir Ideas – Made in France

Image Post Card Croissant French flag card Made in France Colleen's Paris

While wandering around BHV/Marais I noticed bits and pieces of hardware, wall paper and cleaning products made in France. Across the street at City Hall’s Paris Rendez-Vous boutique concept shop I found unusual souvenirs made in France. A while ago, I found Bring France Home near Place des Vosges that only sells souvenirs made in France. Are you looking for quirky, inexpensive Paris souvenir ideas?

At BHV/Marais, they have narrow or regular wallpaper with the illustrated scenes of Paris and the Paris metro maps in their basement hardware/bricolage department. In the droguerie department, I found nail brushes, cleaning products, original Marseille soap (excellent find at 3 euros!).

Paris Rendez-Vous has a shop full of souvenirs and an online store. The ones made in France are on the wall facing the cash register. Occasionally, you will find free art and cultural exhibits in this area also.

A window display and an outdoor rack at Nathalie and Mathilde’s Bring France Home shop is displaying a street art coffee cup by Monsieur Chat, original postcards and condoms made in France. Some of the souvenirs are also in their online shop. Watch the interview video: “Bring France Home with Designer Souvenirs”.

BHV/Marais is open seven days a week.
Paris Rendez-Vous is open Monday to Saturday.
Bring France Home is open seven days a week.