Going Out

Foire de Paris-shopping for home fashion

Making the annual pilgrimage to the Paris Home Show (Foire de Paris) is now mission accomplished. However, we are going back for more.

Last year we made contact with the interior architects at the Foire de Paris https://m.foiredeparis.fr/ and chose the style for the new, smaller sofa bed (canapé lit) and chair.

After numerous vacations and conferences we are about to squeeze in and firm up our renovation plans to upgrade the nearly hundred year old electricity to accommodate the 21st century electronics and change the 20-year old wall paper that still seems timeless and get rid of the decades amount of dust and spots on the old, decorated ceiling ….

Each day at the trade show is another animated activity. Friday I arrived in time to hear the Foreign Legionnaires band. On Tuesday the music will be different when I return to the Foire to order the furniture direct from the factory. The factory representative gave me invitations to return with my husband.

Ordering anything at the Foire is the best way to get a good “Foire” price. The price cuts out the third party. We learned this over the years from buying furniture and windows during this trade fair.

Outlets with a view
If you need to recharge your phone, go to the Pavillon 7 with the view of the Eiffel Tower. Along the wall are many outlets.

The Foire runs the last week of April and first week of May. To obtain two-for-one tickets, begin following the Foire’s website or newsletter for their Valentine’s Day special offer. Otherwise, the television magazine Télé7Jours carries a two-for-one flyer on their cover one to two weeks prior to the Foire’s opening.