Publicity photo for Moliere's The Miser or the Scrooge (l'Avare), Ranelagh Theatre, Paris
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Publicity photo for Moliere's The Miser or the Scrooge (l'Avare), Ranelagh Theatre, Paris
Moliere’s The Miser or the Scrooge (l’Avare), Ranelagh Theatre

Margot presented a fascinating workshop on Molière the other day. We learned facts, chronological dates, the synopsis of a play and outtakes from the script. She was preparing us for one of the nine Molière plays currently running in Paris.

Molière’s “L’Avare” (The Miser/The Scrooge) is playing at the Ranelagh Théâtre in Paris until May 18, 2019. The language of Molière is spoken (French). For those who wish to coordinate sound with English, supertitles are available with Théâtre in Paris. You pay a bit more for this translation service, ideal seating, and a program in English than you would buying through the theatre booking systems.

Molière has been creeping into my French learning over the years. There is the play that sits only half-read on my bookshelf; the movie of conflicts involving Molière and Louis XIV, Le Roi danse , the one-man show “Molière in Spite of Myself” that Théâtre in Paris translated in 2017. On a Saturday afternoon, I am off to see l’Avare at Ranelagh with Margot’s notes in hand.

More Paris theatre for your visit

Another advantage with Theatre in Paris besides translation is awareness. When you visit a city do you know where to look for entertainment? The Theatre in Paris website is a quick reference to find Parisian French theatre, music, dance, comedy, mime or acrobatics, with or without dialogue.

Currently with Théâtre in Paris, classic and new French plays with supertitles at historic Parisian theatres are Cyrano de Bergerac (Theatre Ranelagh); Le Prénom (Hello My Name Is) at the Edouard VII; and La Légende d’une vie (Legend of a Life) at the Montparnasse).

Who is Molière

In his time, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin was the funny, satirical, confrontational and fearless social critic, creator of modern French comedy; a playwright, actor, director and producer. Molière lived from 1622-1673. Annually, actors vie for the Molière theatre award. The French language is termed “la langue de Molière”. Many of his phrases are still used in current French.