Tree-lined boulevard leading the Palace of Versailles
Let's Explore,  Versailles

Visiting Versailles – Forget Tuesday!

Tree-lined boulevard leading to Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace Tourist Office is on left along boulevard

When asked, a Versailles guard standing at the front gate, responded, “Tuesday is the worst day; all the museums in Paris are closed. The tourists all come to Versailles instead.”
While exiting Versailles after a 15-minute visit, I asked the guard a question, “When is the best day to visit Versailles to avoid the crowds?”. I had thought for sure Wednesday would be the worst day since many school children are off half the day.
During my short walk along the cobblestones, I saw a yellow sign with black lettering announcing a day of “grand affluence” (read: crowds). Those with tickets were in two different lines that were now “snaking”, no longer able to remain straight.
The parking in front of Versailles was filled with tour buses (autocars).
When is the best day to visit? Any day, the guard said, except Tuesday.

How to get there:

RER C to Versailles Château Rive Gauche; exit, turn right and walk to tree-lined boulevard. Turn left, walk past the Tourist office on your left and toward the gleaming gold-lined roof top of the Palace of Versailles.

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