Two images of Charlotte Perriand facing the valley and on the "Chaise basculante" Tilting Chair
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Charlotte Perriand, Architect/Designer/Artist at FLV

Two images of Charlotte Perriand facing the valley and on the "Chaise basculante" Tilting ChairAre you interested or curious about the synthesis of architecture, art and design? Two noted artist/architects who fit that description are Charlotte Perriand and Frank Gehry.  Charlotte Perriand “imagined an ‘art of living’ that broke the codes of the time.” The Charlotte Perriand exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton (FLV) may be closing February 24, 2020 but you have time to download the audio guide! This exhibition and audio guide have a “use-by date” and will not be available once the next exhibit opens April 1. Listen to the stories of her career in interviews and exhibit descriptions. You will find them fascinating. Charlotte Perriand was a member of the Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret studio.

Charlotte Perriand was a precursor and, in my opinion, a clairvoyant of the Paris we are experiencing today: green spaces, use of the Seine for the benefit of Parisians and visitors, and more. She was ahead of her time and always saw the practical use of nature in design. She was concerned that interiors should benefit the occupant and not the designer in their functionality (i.e.,asking is it easy to move, foldable, practical, comfortable, etc.).

Due to the Paris strikes, visiting this exhibit took a two and a half month delay. But after the chat I had with Frank Gehry during his visit to the Fondation Louis Vuitton I took the first opportunity to visit the ten galleries on four levels of the museum for the Inventing a New World (Le Monde nouveau de) Charlotte Perriand exhibition.

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