image of the Boucherie Bruno Marché Bastille
Billet d'Humeur/At a Glance,  Life in Paris & France

Paris Markets Wrapped in Plastic

Life at the Parisian market has taken on a new form.
The market is wrapped in plastic wrap. I could only look on. The scene was very surrealistic.
On May 13 the markets reopened with new sanitary guidelines.
The last time I visited the Bastille Market at Boulevard Richard Lenoir was March 22.
Plastic crates separated the shoppers to provide distance.
On March 23, the Mayor’s office closed all outdoor and indoor markets.
The ban did not include the grocery stores.

Who needs a straw shopping basket (“panier“) to carry around anymore?
Market shopping is now available online for home delivery. The delivery order goes through Mayor’s Office website, takes three days or less and costs 5,90 Euros.

The Paris Market Sanitary Guidelines

Merchants must wear a mask, gloves and have antibacterial gel available for customers.
A barrier is required to avoid customers touching the produce, thus, the plastic wrap.
Electronic payment is highly suggested.
Markers remind the customers to keep their distance.
Each stand must be two meters (six and a half feet) away from another stand.
At the Richard Lenoir Marché Bastille, barriers and security personnel are set up to avoid a crowd at one time.
Readers can visit (Paris Mayor’s Office website- Mairie de Paris) for more information.