Image of Nathalie from Bring France Home in her shop rue de Birague
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Bring France Home and Support Small Businesses

“We’re still here,” said Nathalie as she dusted the Paris dust off the shelves and products. Bring France Home is your Made in France shop on rue de Birague and online. Click on the categories at the bottom of their webpage to fill your shopping basket! The Eiffel Tower jewelry (category “jewels”) is unique to Bring France Home from their neighbor jeweler: Galerie UBU. Nathalie is optimistic for this year, but her shop and others need the international tourists back to survive. Chamber of Commerce (CCI) research in October 2019 showed that 80% of a shop’s revenue came from international tourists. CCI help is being provided to reactivate small business activity with finance, human resources, communication, and digital solutions.  Anyone looking for unique gifts, toys and glassware from the oldest manufacturer in France (1475), visit Bring France Home on rue de Birague, up the street from the King’s Pavilion at Place des Voges, Marais neighborhood, and support the petits commerces in Paris. Like their Facebook page. Read their history blog Les French Quiches.

2018 Bring France Home with Designer Souvenirs + YouTube video

Fun Facts

International visitors rank shopping as their fifth reason for their motivation to visit France (CCI research). The top 5 reasons for a Paris visit are:

  1. Visiting museums and monuments (57%)
  2. Walking through the city (48%)
  3. Visiting parks and gardens (17%)
  4. Visiting theme parks (17%)
  5. Shopping (16%)