Cat in construction area at night
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Paris Evening, Walking in Black and White

Paris has an aura when the lights dim on a moist evening. With a group of photographers on an evening shoot, the black and white theme had four criteria: reflection, near and far, silhouette and/or en marche (walking, movement). An image could have any or all of these criteria. We began at Place Igor-Stravinsky and walked through the first, second and third districts/arrondissements near rue de Montorgueil, a passage near Palais Royal and Passage Choiseul. At one point we ended up on Rue de Montmorency passing the Auberge Nicolas Flamel in the third arrondissement. All I could wonder was “How did we end up here!?” Our route was always a bit of a mystery. Street signs and tracing our route was not on my mind. When one is hunting for images, surprise locations are around every corner.