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Springtime Silence in Paris for 55 Days

It is time to turn the page on Chapter 2020. Who would have guessed that one would feel a bit nostalgic for the Paris Springtime in 2020!? All of the ups and downs and changes during the Springtime in Paris lockdown from total confinement to mostly open for summer and back to partially open; having to differentiate between what is essential (food) and non-essential (books) and back to semi-partial of partial and curfews. Aiiieee!!

A Nostalgic Period?

One Parisian confinement period stands out among all the rest of 2020. Between March 15 and May 11, 2020 Paris went silent. For April in Paris, the busy quais and around Montmartre birds chirped. Along the Seine only the barges or the police zodiac made the river ripple sending lapping sounds along the shore.  Around Place de la Concorde, the sound of cyclists or the stop and go of a few cars was heard. The Louvre Pyramid was empty except for a strolling couple or a selfie taker. The Carrousel arch heard only the footsteps of walkers on the gravel. Visitors to the Tuileries garden visited through the grates of the fence. The heels of shoes along the streets of Montmartre were distinct; as was the piano practice that serenaded another part of the Montmartre neighbourhood.

In a video, relive about 10 minutes and 45 seconds of the Springtime Silence in Paris. It almost seems nostalgic because it is probably a moment in time we will not see or hear again for a long while. Enjoy! #parisfr #colleensparis #placedelaconcorde #montmartre #louvre #tuileries #butteauxcailles