Detail of no parking handicap and other signs BHV Quincaillerie Hardware department
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Humorous wall and door signs at BHV

Are you looking for that very Made in France gift or souvenir with a touch of humor? Have you thought about a French door sign? Yes or no, visit a quincaillerie (hardware store) or BHV (Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville). The department store, BHV has a hardware department with many humorous wall and door sign choices such as house numbers, door signs, occupation, WhatsApp neighbourhood watch, etc.

I have known about these signs for a long time, but it was a question that spurred me to share this information. Paul, a Colleen’s Paris readers, asked recently if BHV, was still selling the blue and red Jour/Nuit (day/night) no parking signs. Finding this to be a good question that others might be interested in, I went to BHV to investigate. In their hardware department, what I found was a wall of humor! For the parking sign Paul is looking for, the answer is yes and no. Yes, they have no parking signs, but no if you are looking for signs with twinkling, rotating lights.

Enjoy your souvenir shopping. Translations of some of the signs are below the images.

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Translation of some signs

Water Closet – Une personne a la fois… merciToilet/Restroom – One person at a time… please!
Toilettes Contravention pour occupation intempestive 50 EurosToilet – 50 Euros fine for staying in here too long
Entrée interdite aux casse-piedsNo entry for annoying people
Entrée interdite aux raleursNo entry for complainers
Pipi room Stationnement prolongé interditBathroom – no long-term parking
W-C en cas d’urgence gardez votre calmeToilet – in case of emergency remain calm
Attention! Chien méchant maître féroceBeware ! Mad Dog – Ferocious Master
Water Closet une personne à la fois … merci !Toilet – One person at a time… thank you!
Attention Chat de gardeBeware of Watch Cat
Chien Méchant et perspicaceMean but smart dog
La maison ne fait pas crédit (This is an actual
sign, but I thought of relatives who are always
asking for money)
Cash only
Chien gentil Maitre lunatiqueNice dog but crazy master
Chat gentilNice cat
Chat calinCuddly cat 
Attention chat en psychanalyseBeware Cat seeing a shrink
Attention chien en psychanalyseBeware Dog seein a shrink