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Where To Store Your Luggage in Paris

Do you sightsee in Paris with your luggage? Before the plane or train, do you have to return to the hotel to collect your luggage? Does that cut into your sightseeing time? Where do you store your luggage in Paris?

Carron and Stephanie went sightseeing in Paris, pulling their luggage. Actually, Carron pulled Stephanie’s extra bag. They are not alone. In the Jardin des Plantes sometimes, it is easy to tell the travelers from the locals. While waiting for their train at Gare d’Austerlitz, the travelers are pulling their bags across the sandy ground.

Luggage storage locations are dotted all around Paris at or near the train stations, airports and monuments. Some requirements to make your storage happier: Reserve in advance. You are competing with thousands of tourists for a storage spot. Walk-ins are not always accepted. Plan to use a credit card and not cash.

Your browser can detect your location and destinations will pop up on a map. Some of the storage companies have locations in other cities in France. Check each website for their hours, cost and insurance. Whatever you decide, stop dragging your bags around Paris!

Here is a list of luggage storage in no particular order:

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