• Bee on the butterfly bush at Jardin des Planets
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    Enjoy a Stroll Through Jardin des Plantes

    Jardin des Plantes is just across the river from the Bastille. One day in March, I took a short stroll across the Seine. Instead of covering all the garden, I strolled along a path through the gardens that passes from the gate at Place Valhubert to the gate at Rue Linné and Rue Cuvier. On this Spring morning, certain buds and flowers attracted my attention. Enjoy this virtual view with me through my eyes.

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    Animal, Insect Menageries and Blooms-Jardin des Plantes

    It's time to celebrate the two hundred and twenty years of the Paris historical zoo at the National Museum of Natural History's (Muséum national d'histoire naturelle) in the Jardin des Plantes. An exhibit opened at the Cabinet d'Histoire for celebrated animals (Animaux célèbres de la Ménagerie) who lived in the historical menagerie from 1794 to today. The showcases are filled with mementos from those early days: postcards, illustrations, souvenir plates, books, illustrations, models, and other paraphernalia from the past. Many of the animals referred to are now found in the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution.

  • Coumba, Mangabey, ready for a nap, le Jardin des Plantes
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    The Zoo (La Ménagerie) At Jardin Des Plantes

    Associating a zoo with Paris strikes a different chord from looking at historic buildings. However, le Jardin des Plantes is historical with its own zoo called La Ménagerie . Founded in 1794, this zoo is considered to be the oldest in the world along with de Schönbrunn in Vienna. Among its 2,000 inhabitants, the ménagerie celebrated 168 births in 2010. One of the newborns in the singerie (monkey house), Coumba, became a bit of a celebrity in 2011 with an accident. The inexperienced mother mangabey became too rough with her baby and broke its arm. Wearing a cast is a hard way to start off life for a newborn. Coumba,…

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    Parades and the International Women’s Day

    Motorcycles, placards, dancing and photos are a few of the festive ways Parisians are celebrating International Women’s Day (Journée des Femmes) on March 8. Olivier Martel – Jardin du Luxembourg Olivier Martel has chosen 80 of his portraits of women around the world to exhibit in Paris. The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society opens the exhibit on the fence railings of the Senate along the Jardin du Luxembourg on March 8 and  continue until June 15. Martel is exhibiting women “…in her truth, her struggles and her hopes and asserting her dignity”….  Visit Mr. Martel’s “Ouvrages” page to see a catalog of the book Femmes Eternelles. Click on…

  • Edouard Dubufe et Rosa Bonheur (1857) Portrait of Rosa Bonheur Colleen's Paris
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    Rosa Bonheur Looking Into The Souls of Animals

    Rosa Bonheur married art—”It is my husband, my world, the air that I breathe. I do not feel anything else. I cannot think of anything else.” For Rosa Bonheur, animals were that art and the eyes of animals were the windows to their souls. The Musée d’Orsay presents this retrospective on her “marriage” for you until January 15, 2023. A friend mentioned wanting to see Rosa Bonheur. A browser search of the name suggested three drinking spots in the Parisian suburbs (guinguettes) named Rosa Bonheur. With more digging, I found out she was a French animal portraitist, sculptor, illustrator, photographer, independent female, admired icon of Buffalo Bill Cody, and first…

  • Children running in the Tuileries Garden, Paris, Autumn
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    A Day with Children in Paris

    Eiffel Tower and Batobus Visit Invalides and the Army Museum Things to do with children who speak French Having fun with children in Paris Travel to Paris with the eyes of a child. Hopefully, you have visited the city before so you can begin to think along those lines. You might bring your own children; we rent ours by the week (friends and family, of course!) One of the beauties of bringing children to Paris is the new view — seeing it through their eyes. Come take a springtime visit with us in Paris. Daisy de Plume, founder of ThatLou (your Paris must-do treasure hunts in the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay) wrote a…

  • People sitting along the Seine on the Ile-Saint Louis, Quai d'Orléans
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    Iconic Paris Walk Along the Seine

    Sometimes views only change with the seasons. I had to wonder how many times these same scenes have been photographed over the years. The scenes are iconic and never seem to be boring. We went for a walk along the Seine yesterday between Gare d'Austerlitz and Cathrédale Notre-Dame de Paris. We enjoyed a salad for dinner on the Ile-Saint-Louis with the sun setting. People were lined up at the Batobus* stop for Notre-Dame. Were they all in line for the sunset cruise? Not all could be accommodated, and they waited for the next one.