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Paris Hotels and Apartments

Click on the  Venere map to the left

The benefit of this booking service is that you are linked directly to the hotel for reservations.


No extra fees are added to the price of the hotel rooms or apartments. If you run into any problems with booking, please let me know.


The website provides an overview of the hotel, rooms and prices, a photo gallery and users ratings. Some of the hotels listed on Colleen's Paris are not associated with this booking service.


You pay directly at the hotel property.


The prices are the same as the hotel offers. You can take care of your reservations directly from my website.

Use this system to look for and book hotels in France, United States and Europe. Your reservation helps keep Colleen's Paris going. Thank you!


Readers ask these questions

Handicap page for hotel information

More links

Going to Cannes


If you will be in Paris for several days, consider an apartment.


For photos and pricing information on apartment rentals click on these two links: apartment rental information (Venere) or Paris apartment information (WaytoStay)

The number of apartments or hotels available will depend on the dates of your stay.


The Venere website is a great way to choose among a large quantity of apartments in different locations in Paris. You can see the list immediately of all the properties with an accompanying photo. Plug in your dates and check on the availability.


You will be given a good description of the property, photos, and rates. Reserve on line at the same time.


Venere's self-catering apartments, bed and breakfasts, serviced apartments

WaytoStay's apartments


The Yahoo currency converter. Click on the calculator:


Booking hint:


September and October are big trade fair and convention months.


Book early to avoid the competition when you have special needs or requests.


Hotels will be more expensive and require early booking.

More links

Hotels with Eiffel Tower views

Hotels in the charming 7th arrondissement

Reader recommendations

Guide for finding a cute hotel in Paris

Hotels along Colleen's neighborhood walks


HINT: Remember that twin beds usually means a larger room. A double is a double bed and smaller room.

HINT: Pay for a three-bed/triple hotel room and it usually means a sofa bed for the possible third person and that means a larger room and a place to sit instead of your bed!

HINT: Paris hotel rooms are small.

Hotels in the 7th arrondissement


The hotels in the 7th arrondissement are in close proximity to the Eiffel tower, Invalides, Boulevard Saint Germain, Musée d'Orsay. One area of the 7th is especially charming because of its village feel in the vicinity of rue Cler.

Hotels with Eiffel Tower views

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel

23, avenue Duquesne 75007

The hotel is completely air conditioned. The closest metro stop is École Militaire. For more information about the area read about Splendid Hotel Tour Eiffel since it is in the same neighborhood.


Hôtel Splendid Tour Eiffel -- has received very positive feedback from readers


I have found the perfect hotel where you can lie in bed and look out your window at the Eiffel tower. Don't tell anyone!


I went looking for spring flowers near the Eiffel Tower, got off the bus one stop too early and found a treasure instead. How often can you lie in bed and look out through the French doors that lead to a 2 foot by 6 foot balcony at the Eiffel Tower?


The hotel describes itself as being in one of the most beautiful areas of the capital; two steps away from the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides Napolean's grave, Rodin museum, Orsay, etc.


This hotel has 48 rooms including junior suites; each is equipped with satellite television, mini bar, safe, telephone, hair dryer, and supplementary WiFi. Four rooms have a direct view. The side rooms have an Eiffel Tower view if you step out onto the small “balcony” (about 2 feet x 4 feet) as well as either an Invalides view or view of the military school .



Room sizes vary and the one with the best view is the largest (large by normal Paris hotel standards). Three people can stay in this particular room which has a double bed and a sofa bed. Since there is no charge for the third person and if you are lucky enough to have a reservation sufficiently made in advance, this junior suite is a good bet.


Room 607 is a junior suite (up to three people) that looks out at the Eiffel Tower and is roof top level (mansardée). Room 507 is a junior suite, is the largest room and has the best view. Rooms 307 and 207 also have a direct view and are called double superior.


If you have seen the Flat Iron building in New York you know that the sides wedge out. That is what happens with the Hotel Splendid. This affords every room in the hotel with an indirect view. The best side view is the Invalides side that lights up magnificently at night.



In speaking with one of the hotel representatives, she asked that requests for upgrades and better rooms be made at the time of booking. High season is considered to be May, June, September and October. Low season is July, August, January and February. The others are a toss up.


In the vicinity is a grocery store, a couple of banks, the post office, at least three brasseries, metro (Ecole Militaire, line 8) and two buses.


You may see this hotel on other websites, but click on my link for up to date, renovated interiors.


As always reserve and book through my link to Splendid Hotel and I will receive a small commission. You are charged the normal hotel rates.


Splendid Hotel

29, avenue de Tourville 75007

01 45 51 2929 or 01 45 51 24 77


Hotels in the charming rue Cler area

Au Vieux Paris

Citadines Apart-Hotel - I went over to the local Citadines residence hotel in the Bastille and looked at the studio and 1 bedroom apartments. They have 16 locations within Paris (and others around Europe and China).


Once you choose your location and put in your dates on their website, you will be quoted rates.


This is the way to go (I have not looked at other companies yet) if you are staying for several days or longer. A hotel restricts you to one room, the one-bedroom gives you the option of taking a nap while the other member(s) of your party watch TV or make tea in the kitchenette. Wait until you see the photos.


This is an economical way to stay in Paris (with the money you save you can go out to eat at a nice restaurant!).


Brochures are available with prices, locations and photos upon request. Their  theme is "faites comme chez vous" (...make yourself at home), it's easy to see why.

Reader recommendations:


Louvre Montana (Emeraude hotel)

12, rue Saint-Roch 75001

"We stayed in the Hotel Montana...It was right across from the Louvre. Small, but clean and a perfect location." --Desiree 2006

This is a three-star hotel, entirely air conditioned and "a stone's throw from the rue Faubourg Saint Honoré...."


Hotel de l'Académie Deluxe -- Saint Germain-des-Prés

32, rue des Saint-Pères 75007


 "Located in the heart of historical Paris", the hotel is the former house of the De Rohan Duke; has air conditioning, ADSL and WiFi connection, etc. Some rooms have a private balcony.


Grand Hôtel de Champagne

Peter and Jane stayed in Grand Hôtel de Champagne and loved the location and hotel. You are a block and a half away from Quai de la Mégisserie (gardening strip along the Seine) between Pont au Change (Châtelet and) Pont Neuf.


It is a three-star hotel expecting its fourth star with air conditioning. The rooms are beautiful and charming (wood beam ceilings, luxurious bed coverings, small) and the rooms are very quiet.


I looked at a standard (#304) with double bed and tub and a double superior (#307) twin beds and shower. All rooms have extra pillows. Their sale months are July, August and February.


Currently a standard is 162 euros in season and double superior is 195 euros.


The building dates back to 1562, their brochure contains the history of the building and the street -- Colleen



17, rue Jean-Lantier (1st arrondissement)

33 (0)1 42 36 60 00 Fax 33 (0)1 45 08 43 33


Hotel Muguet

Debby recommends the Hotel Muguet as "the cutest two star, beautiful, clean, really nice people at the front desk. They had a view of the Eiffel Tower with a little balcony and flowers. Their large double room had two beds, an extra bed and a full bath."  See my page on charming 7th arrondissement hotels.


11, rue Chevert 75007

Phone: +33 (1).

Hotels along Colleen's Paris walks 


The following hotels are along or very close to my walks (see "Neighborhoods" on the home page).


All hotels have modern amenities. Prices are always for one or two persons. They vary according to the number of beds (big bed/grand lit or two twins (deux lits) and whether you prefer a shower/douche or bath/bain.


Always check the hotel websites for promotions - especially August!

Walk no. 3 (Passages in the 11th)

Hôtel Marais Bastille
36, boulevard Richard-Lenoir  75011
Tel: 33 1 48 05 75 00
Mº Bréguet-Sabin, close to Bastille  and Place des Vosges


Hôtel Lyon-Mulhouse ** 
8, boulevard Beaumarchais  75011
Tel: 33 1 47 00 91 50 

Contemporary --
Mº Bastille
close to Place des Vosges -
Rooms 30 and 22 have two queen-size beds, are large and excellent rooms, on the little courtyard and you see the top portion of the Opéra Bastille. Room 30 has two sinks, room 22 has one. All rooms are air conditioned.

I highly recommend this hotel as good price-quality ratio -- Colleen


Hotel Castex close to the Bastille

5 Rue Castex - 75004


Very charming -- great! location and fully air conditioned


Walk no. 4 (Little treasures behind big doors)


Hôtel Ferrandi

Cute, charming and

92, rue du Cherche-Midi  75006
Tel: 33 1 42 22 97 40 
Fax: 33 1 45 44 89 97 Mº Vaneau

Walk no. 4 (Little treasures behind big doors)


Hôtel Sèvres Saint Germain

Cute and rustic looking; free WiFi access in the lobby; fully air conditioned; located

up the street from le Bon Marché.

22, rue Saint Placide  75006
Tel: 33 1 45 48 10 67

Fax: 331 45 48 96 91

Mº Sèvres-Babylone

How to find a joli/cute Paris hotel


I have found a great little pocket book on cute hotels in Paris.


This book "Jolis hôtels de Paris à petits prix" is published by Parigramme and describes many hotels, They do not hesitate to share their favorites with the reader. It is, however, written in French.


Reading French with a limited knowledge

With a French dictionary you are off to a good start when you obtain “Jolis hôtels”.

The first word or phrase of every hotel description is highlighted and already provides an instant summary of the place.


The rest of the paragraph provides the detailed description and suggests what to expect from the hotels, as well as their personalities.


The editors have looked at romantic, déco design, authentique, homey, rustic style, bourgeois (although when translated the word means middle-class, the descriptions are much more colorful and dressy than Americans would interpret middle-class), and cultes (following certain trends, i.e. oriental theme, in a hospital, former house of prostitution, the 70s, etc.). 


Their dream hotel?


An establishment of modest size, situated in a calm environment, with a warm reception, a garden where you can have breakfast and rooms with personalized decoration and internationally accepted standards is their dream focus.



The book includes a lot of additional information, with additional themes still in the development stages:


The themes of the current edition are:


1. The cutest hotels of Paris (in their opinion)

   -- right bank, left bank and at the entries to Paris


2. Alternative ways to spend the night in Paris, other than traditional hotels:

    --hostels, bed and breakfast Parisian style (developing B&Bs for anglophiles), family pensions, apartment-hotels, renting apartments


3. Clever methods for finding a room in Paris

    --reservation centers, some hints to avoid mistakes


4. How to make use of or exploit the palaces and the fashionable hotels in Paris (even if you don't reside there)

    --where to have breakfast in luxury, drinks, gourmet snacking

Readers asked these questions

A reader asked the question:

My sisters and I are coming to Paris in the autumn. I was wondering if you are familiar with this hotel and could offer us any advise about hotel accommodations in Paris. (She suggested a couple of hotels, I found the others).




Hotel l'Ile Saint-Louis (three stars) in the heart of the island, close to Notre-Dame - small hotel anticipate very small rooms (one room for three people with a folding bed - more for an infant).


Hotel Moderne Saint-Germain (three stars) - (room 38)

This is the one I saw on a small impasse (narrow side street) with birds chirping.

Window in the bathroom and two windows in the main room.


Two twin beds side by side and a twin over in a corner next to the closet.

Big room -- small flat screen tv -- no charm, but clean and practical, closet space, shower, mini bar, remote AC control, clean.


The breakfast eating area is partially exposed to the street as if you would be in a bistro behind the glass along the sidewalk of rue des Écoles.


Hotel Agora Saint-Germain (three stars)- quiet street - good location close to Notre Dame.


I came across this hotel while walking the neighborhood.


They have one room for three people (no. 4) with double bed and one single inside room. The window looks into the small courtyard. Shower, hair dryer, big room, closet space.


Trianon Rive Gauche Hotel (three stars) - quiet street that leads to Luxembourg Gardens - near Sorbonne - seven rooms for three people - nice entry.


The Trianon Rive Gauche  has a very comfortable reception area -- newspapers available on the highboy with the Tiffany lamp.


Well, I came back at the time designated but no luck seeing a room; the receptionist was all alone and had her hands full!


This hotel is very close to Luxembourg Gardens and on the same street as the Sorbonne courtyard.


Remember, the trade fairs are taking many hotels in September and October -- since you are thinking of the autumn for a trip.


The Saint Jacques is a two-star next door but has no air conditioning. Cute interior - belle époque murals; I saw three rooms.


Autumn: Sept/Oct is high season due to so many trade fairs and conventions (salons) in town -- that is why finding a hotel will be more expensive and require early booking.

Going to Cannes?

Try using my Venere reservation system for a place in Cannes . At the end of April, I found 13 for the dates of the Cannes festival. Normally, there are over 97. Of course, during the festival, you are looking at 223-860 euros a night. 

You might try areas around the city or a youth hostel or a car near the beach (we stayed in our SAAB in Nice back in the 80s because we were so poor! there was a shower on the beach though! and what a view!) 

Flying standby is option or you might consider the train, however. 

For example, using the SNCF/TGV website, you can take a direct train from Gare de Lyon to Cannes. Fill in the blanks and click on &Rechercher&. You may pick up your tickets at any train station. 

SNCF runs specials for first class. The special might only be for a train at a certain time, for example, for 25 euros more you can go first class (114 vs. 139 euros) . On the return trip they suggested numerous times and special prices, for example: 64 euros 2nd class; 65 euros 1st class! 

The official Cannes tourist website is available in English. Look at tourist office's hotel booking website.  

I hope this gets you started on your adventure!