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Sightseeing Paris

Shopping in Paris

Wine tours and Sightseeing in France

French language and study abroad

Apartment rentals

Photos and art

Romantic surprises

Cheese on line


Sightseeing in Paris


Paris and Beyond in France

Paris Restaurants, Hotels & Apartments; Culture, Customs, Books, and Tips: Notes From Our Experiences.


Over the years we have shared many versions of these notes, set out here in six parts (see “Subject List” on right), with Paris-bound friends. Now we will share more broadly.


Two very visited areas in their blog may be of interest to my readers:


One of the most visited parts of our blog is our "12 restaurant tips."  (  This section is not about specific restaurants (we have another section on our blog for that), but instead, it's a list of "how to blend in" tips -- addressing culture and etiquette, and based on our experiences.  Many French friends have told us that they wish all visitors would read this section -- maybe this will cause a few Americans to speak less loudly, to the benefit of all of us! 
We also have a listing of books about France and the French -- this reflects our view that traveling to France is much more enjoyable and interesting if one can at least attempt to understand the society and culture.  


--Jake & Maureen (Mo) Dear


Access in Paris

"This well established guidebook was originally published in 1974, and was the first guidebook ever to use the title 'Access' referring to access by disabled people. Later editions were published in 1985, 1993 and 2008.

The website includes updated information and is available as a book or can be downloaded in PDF format from the website from June 2008." Contact Gordon Couch


France Today

Updated daily, their website features:

-Expert travel advice - with classic and unusual destinations, best hotels and restaurants, and not-to-be-missed events

-Insider’s information on French culture: art scene, politics, interviews of French personalities

-The best of French life and Style: exclusives on fashion and trends, top chef recipes, wine reviews, and much more..



Beth Marlin has launched a new site, part literary, part historical, part informational about Paris. She is the editor-in-chief, and has written all the content. She wants all lovers of Paris to tap into her knowledge and passion for the City of Light. This project is an ongoing labor of love from someone whose heart lives in Paris.

You may well recognize the feelings of Beth in yourself when she says: "Every time I ride my bicycle wearing a skirt, I feel like I'm just a little bit French."


Hello Paris

Hello Paris offers a wide variety of tourist opportunities around Paris for people visiting Paris from the UK : theme parks, famous cabaret shows, cruising on the river Seine, sightseeing tours, museums and places to visit, restaurant bookings and Paris maps. They specialize in inexpensive travel tickets and museum passes for Paris.


360 Panoramic photos of Paris monuments & 360 pictures

The official artistic paris 360 panoramic photos website by Timothée EISENEGGER: Paris monuments as Notre Dame, Effeil Tower, Paris bridges, famous churches, parks and gardens, covered passage ways, Paris by night.


French Links Tours

Rachel Kaplan's French Links Tours based in Paris, specializes in exclusive private tours and corporate events in France and other parts of Europe. They work with over 40 multilingual licensed guides in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Germany, as well as premier chauffeur and transportation companies in each market.

Choose a private guided tour from French Links Tours, British Links Tours and European Jewish Tours or let Rachel design a custom private guided tour or tours for you. We offer half-day full-day and multiple-day private tours, including family and disabled traveler tours.


Capitol Shuttle- Airport Shuttle

Door to door Shuttle Service from and to Paris airports.


Paris by Paris

Intimate and historical tours of Paris.

Be sure to check out Paris' website for seasonal, all inclusive tour information and things good to know for your tour. "Are you looking for a dream come true?" then contact Paris Tannish for intimate and historical tours of Paris.


Classic Walks - Paris

English-speaking walking tours of Paris (Da Vinci Code, Montmartre, Latin Quarter, Marais and World War II).


Fat Tire Bike Tours - Paris  

English-speaking bicycle tours of Paris, Versailles and Monet's Gardens. (I have heard rave reviews about their night bike tour.)


City Segway Tours  Guided Segway tours around the world. (Read about my positive Segway experience!)


Paris Luxury Tours

If your time is valuable and you don't have much of it, Paris Luxury Tours sounds like an economical way (in the long run) to make the best use of that time. Paris Luxury Tours offers a private charter jet service as well.


They offer unique, private escorted tours of Paris and France. Personalized service with a broad range of fascinating tour features.



Paris Pause-pipi Guide

While out sightseeing, one important thing to know is where to go when you need to go without having to pay for a coffee or soda.


Since February 2006, the city of Paris provides "sanisettes" around Paris free of charge (more of this on my Public Toilets page).


Philippe Dorcourt has published the addresses and maps of where the sanisettes are located, which I can attest to is very helpful to know where exactly to find them instead of wandering around looking!


For 2,80 euros you can download the guide from his website. It is 36 pages but produced in booklet form and will only use 9 pieces of A4 or 8 1/2" x 11" paper.


The guide is available in either English or French with little anecdotes. You can sample the guide on line before buying.


You can pay using either a credit card or PayPal.


Be sure to check it out at the Paris Pause-pippi website.

Shopping in Paris


Brocantes in France

Living in France or traveling to France here is a list of Brocantes, vide greniers, Puces and general information listed for easy viewing in each department.


Don't forget to visit Brocantes France  The complete guide to brocantes, vide-greniers, bric-a-bracs & puces in France..

Visiter le nouveau site web Brocantes France.  Le guide ą brocantes & vide-greniers en France.



Jean Feldman has published a book on Paris shopping and is now offering personal shopping tours


Wine tours and Sightseeing in France



Britt Karlsson does wine tasting in Paris, has a free monthly newsletter (in English and Swedish) that contains information on her favorite wines, wine shops, links to lots of sites, word lists, etc.


Britt has also launched a program of English language wine tours. Visit BKWine's tour page for more information.


The newsletter is available in Swedish and English; the website is available in Swedish and English.


Travel France

Guide to France including regions, towns, places of interest, activities and events. Includes travel information.


Travels with Friends

This is a travel consultation service specializing in European travel run by Steven Hurley. Contact them if you are a private guide and are interested in exposure to your talents.



 This website provides worldwide photographs, links to travel guides, cruises, diving, dude ranches, etc. and historical information about cities, etc.


French language and study abroad


Claire Brossard is available to give French lessons to American women or speak with them.

She lives in Neuilly sur Seine.
Contact her at:

06 83 85 54 61 (cell)
0146 40 02 51 (home)


Study Languages

Study-languages "...could be of significance with its interesting content.  The site campaigns for the study of foreign languages in the places where they are spoken; and it also promotes learning foreign languages online...."


The best language schools for people interested in learn a foreign language abroad. Learn English in Malta, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada or England, French in France or Switzerland, German in Austria, Italian in Italy, Russian in Russia, Japanese in Japan, Chinese in China and Portuguese in Portugal.


Paris Version ą la Franćaise

According to their website:

“’Paris Version ą la Franćaise’ is a learning center

Our week language and culture course is aimed at Francophiles who already have a basic knowledge of French.

Linguistic program

If you want to improve your French while visiting Paris, you want to speak it.

Our method is based on lively approach to French language with your active participation.

We offer varied and friendly lessons which will help you speak French.

Cultural program

Coming back to Paris, you want to know the real Paris of Parisians and not the touristy Paris.

Our cultural program is based on discovering new districts and areas and getting to know Parisians.

We offer different walks and visits every day. 

Visit their website for a ‘Typical day’”


French Mini book Guide

 is easy to read and understand and will give you some short, but effective foreign language phrases that you can use when traveling.


French word a day

Kristin Espinasse has a daily website for those who would like to learn a French word a day.


Centre International d'Antibes/ATOLL

Centre International d'Antibes/ATOLL is a group of French language schools in France that offer French courses for all ages, levels and interests.


French lessons

Vacation courses in France for the whole family


Translation Service

This translation service offers a range of language services, including a free online English-French, German-French translation tool; French language paraphrasing tool; and a collection of English-French useful phrases.


French Language Courses

Professional online site dedicated to French language courses.


Study Abroad - Global Student Experience

Global Student Experience offers study abroad programs for students to popular destinations around the world.


State Universities

"A comprehensive directory of all major U.S. universities and colleges. Includes information about history, academics, unique programs, student life, student statistics, admissions, athletics, and the local community for each school."


Apartment rentals


Paris apartments

Way to is a holiday apartment bookings agency with products in most of the major European city, including Paris. Quality holiday apartments in Paris personally selected for your perfect stay.


Parismarais® The Art of Living Guide

This website provides information about the Marais.


Their subheadings are: Hotels & Apartments, Expat services, Property search, Shopping Guide, Visit le Marais, etc.


Please mention the Colleen's Paris website on your application when you reserve an apartment with Parismarais® -- I thank you very much!



Coach House Paris Vacation Rentals

Large selection of  Paris short stay accommodation from modest studio flat s suitable for a 2 to large houses that will sleep 6 or more. Fully supported by English speaking team.



Access Italy

Tour Italy -- Access Italy provides private and exclusive tours throughout Italy. (Their site is under construction)


France Hotel Stay

Accommodation in Paris

Paris accommodation portal offering quick and secure online reservation of hotels, bed and breakfast or short stay apartments.


Photos and art


Paris photos

David Henry has a nice collection of Paris photos as well as Parisians.


David also offers one-on-one sessions as well for aspiring Parisian photographers and tailors the course to your needs.


In addition, David acts as your tourist guide by recounting the history of what you will be shooting. Some useful contact information:

Phone: 01 72 78 27 26 in France; 331 72 78 27 26 outside France

Portable: 06 33 65 51 19

Address: c/o Franćois Eck

73, avenue de Saint-Cloud

78000 Versailles, France


France in Photos

"...All seasons are interesting in Paris, but the most interesting time to take photos is the same in all seasons: from the golden hour till pitch black night. Paris monuments and most interesting buildings are very nicely lit and this website now contains a growing collection of night photos taken during our evening rambles...."

Olivier Ffrench has a collection of photos of Paris and other regions of France, as well as photo tips such as "using a tripod in public places".



Art Gallery Worldwide


Artwork in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.


Artwork of thousands artists in abstract art, landscape art, oil painting and many other styles and media. The website also has service to buy and sell art.


Paris Stock Photography at Foto Search

"Foto Search Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 2 million images from 140 quality stock photography publishers at one site. There is no sign-up fee to view our images and users can search the largest collection of stock photography on the internet! Our database includes over 10,000 Paris related images that I think you and your users will enjoy...."


Cheese on line is the oldest internet French cheese website (since 1997). From our French sellers to your table. We deliver French tradition worldwide to you by express delivery.


Visit their extensive cheese library!



The Insider's Guide to Travel, Food and Wine
The official magazine of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, Global Writes provides an ever-expanding library of illustrated trip reviews by professional travel journalists with advice on the best vacation ideas and itineraries, plus tips and recommendations on global destinations, hotels, B & B's, cruises, restaurants, food, wine and more. To plan your next adventure -- or just dream about one -- become an insider through the travel experiences of IFWTWA members worldwide.


KEEP TALKING IN FRANCE at the lowest rates.
Pay only for the minutes that you use.