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Pariscope - a Paris tourist and entertainment guide
Lost, stolen credit cards Museums, Exhibits Music Sports and fitness Children's Activities Restaurants Paris radio stations Boat cruises Trade shows, markets Dinner cruises Movies Paris nightlife

With that in mind, I am going to translate only the essentials of Pariscope, the magazine that I have chosen as a representative because I remember so well that initial intimidation.


Let's begin with the front cover:


Front cover - du mercredi au mardi -  date is from Wednesday to Tuesday


Days of the week:

lundi (lun) - Monday

mardi (mar) - Tuesday

mercredi (mer) - Wednesday

jeudi (jeu) - Thursday

vendredi (ven) - Friday

samedi (sam) - Saturday

dimanche (dim) - Sunday

Inside the Pariscope

Certain vocabulary words are used throughout Pariscope.


For example the days of the week, opening and performance times, prices, etc.


Here is a basic vocabulary list:


jusqu'au  or jsq  - until

hors Paris - in Paris region (outside city center)

3e - third arrondissement

Pl: 5 à 15 euros - seat costs 5 to 15 euros

environs - around Paris

entrée libre or Ent. libre - free

à partir de  begins at - à partir de 20h40 means it begins at 8:40 p.m.

tlj (short for tous les jours) every day

durée lasts for so long - durée 2h30 means it lasts for two hours and 30 minutes

téléphone 01 42 xx xx xx If you are using a phone card, no need to dial the international code 331. Just dial 01 and the number or ask your concierge.

le choix de Pariscope Pariscope's pick of the week

visite guidée guided visit

suite page 207 continues on page 207

suite de la page 86 continued from page 86

(78) (94) (77) these are the Paris suburbs (banlieue)

les expositions se déroulent la veille de la vente the objects to be sold will be exhibited the day before and the morning of the sale (Drouot for example)

TR reduced admission (usually for seniors, students, military, unemployed, large families)

Gpes sur résa groups with reservations

accessible aux handicapés - handicap access



All venues are listed in alphabetical order.

Table of contents


When you open Pariscope, your first page is the table of contents (sommaire)

The date is given (runs Wednesday to Tuesday night).


One item not listed in the table of contents is Paris pratique (Paris Emergency numbers). You will find it between musique and visites.


The first category (à venir) is coming attractions. Many of the categories listed in this sommaire have Pariscope's a favorite choice (choix).


The categories are:

théâtre Theater

musique Music

enfants Children

visites et promenades Paris trade shows, Paris antiques markets, Paris monuments, Paris department stores, Seine cruises, Paris parks and gardens, Paris outings and places to visit, aquariums, zoos..

fêtes et réceptions Parties and receptions

cinéma Movies (this section is ALWAYS located in the center of the magazine with a hit parade)

arts Art and exhibitions (divided up first by theme and then my museum or gallery name)

sport et bien-être Sport and fitness 

restaurants Restaurants (will not include every single restaurant in Paris)

paris la nuit Nightlife

radios fm Radio stations



Categories under théâtre:

nouvelles pièces new shows - the number next to the show corresponds to the theatre

tous les spectacles all of the current plays in Paris listed in alphabetical order

toutes les salles  Pariscope has given each theater an index number

hors Paris - in Paris region (outside city center)

cafés, théâtres  dinner theaters or theaters with a bar

chansonniers improv, comedy and musical standup (French)

cabarets, dîners, spectacles  dinner shows such as Crazy Horse, au Lapin Agile, Lido, etc.




Categories under musique:

concerts classiques Classic concerts

hors Paris Outside Paris

musique du monde World music

danse, opéras Dance and opera

variétés, jazz Jazz and variety shows

pop-rock Rock

musique élecronique Techno music



quatuor -  chamber orchestra

hors Paris - in Paris region (outside city center) -

3e - third arrondissement

Dîner lyrique - dine while they sing opera (dinner theatre) for example the Bel Canto restaurant.


Look under concerts classiques. Bel Canto at Metro Alésia and Metro Hôtel de Ville. Dinner is served by opera singers with piano accompaniment.


orgues - organ music

concerts classiques - look in this section for classical music performed in churches.

entrée libre or Ent. libre - free

brésilienne Brazilian

voix d'anges voices of angels

église  church

vie quotidienne a practique

chanson française French songs

violons violins

en couleurs in color

Visits and promenades (trade shows, cruises)


Categories under visites et promenades:


foires et salons fairs and trade shows

brocantes et marchés antiques, second hand items, markets

monuments operas, historic monuments, stadiums, well-known towers (not just Eiffel)

croisières, parcs et jardins Seine and Canal St. Martin cruises, bus tours, Paris gardens

parcs de loisirs, promenades Disney, Adventure Land, Playmobil Funpark

aquariums, zoos

conférences guided tours (French) for the week with dates, times and prices

ventes aux enchères special markets for art collectors: jewelry, Drouot, photography, art, stamps, furniture, etc.



les égouts de Paris Paris sewers

montgolfière hot air balloon

vol d'environ 1h the rides last about 1 hour

vélo  bicycle

visite guidée guided visit

les expositions se déroulent la veille de la vente the objects to be sold will be exhibited the day before and the morning of the sale (Drouot for example)

les exceptions et horaires différents sont signalés all changes are noted

braderie good way to pick up name brands at reduced prices or perhaps regular second hand clothes (look for this under ventes aux enchères)

déjeuner et dîner croisière - lunch and dinner cruises

résa obligatoire - reservations required

voir rubrique «Restaurants» - see the heading "Restaurants" (these cruise ships are located under «Cuisine traditionelle» in alphabetical order.




Categories under enfants:

spectacles Shows

marionnettes Puppet shows

cirques Circus

théâtre classique rather than modern, they perform classics from la Fontaine, Molière, fables of Offmann, ballets of Tchaïkovsky, etc. adapted to certain ages.

animations performances usually take place at a museum



dés 4 ans from four years of age

relâche le 19 no show the 19th

tlj every day

matin  morning

guignol puppets

sur résa  with reservations

salle couverte et chauffée  auditorium indoors and heated

entrée face au  entrance in front of

cirques circus

tout public  open to the public



If you plan to attend the movies often or in a group, you can save money. Look for the abbreviation CA - membership card and buy a quantity ticket with an expiration date.


UGC theaters:

The UGC5 is for 5 admissions (1 to 5 people) 28,65 euros Sunday 7 p.m. to Friday 7 p.m. (valid 60 days)

The UGC7 card (1 to 5 people) 38,65 euros valid 7days a week anytime (valid 60 days)


Gaumont theaters:

5 admissions is 34 euros, valid two months.


MK2 theaters:

6 admissions is 42 euros; 3 admissions is 20 euros



Other theaters have their own membership cards, good at that one theater.


l'actualité New releases

les dvd DVD releases


Films listed in alphabetical order and then by theatre according to their arrondissement.



cinéma - films

V.F. - French version

V.O. - original language

film muét - silent film (for example

films nouveaux - new releases

autres films - recently released

festivals - thematic (for example, film noir, Arthur Penn, history of cinema, Jean-Luc Goddard, Tsai Ming-Liang, western, German, Bollywood, childrens, Palmes d'or, Pasolini, Russian and Georgian, Jarmusch, samurai, Marcel Carné, Woody Allen, etc.

salles Paris - theatres listed by arrondissement

cotation des critiques - the hit parade ratings

environs - around Paris

Pl: 5 à 15 euros - seat costs 5 to 15 euros

avant-premières preview

salles climatisées air conditioned theater

TR reduced admission if you are Mil - military; Chô - unemployed; Etud - student, FaN - large family; CV - senior citizens; Gpes - groups; Sco - schools; Abo Adhé - subscribers;/members

CB - credit card

CA - membership card

Résa - reservation

séance - starting time


How to identify the movie theater if you look at "autres films" (the alphabetical listing):


The name is in red, followed by the year, length, type of film, synopsis, NAME of theatre and a NUMBER.


Denfert 82 means Denfert Theatre located at number 82 in this section.


Look for the words salles Paris at the top of the following pages .


On the first page of this section, you will see salles de Paris.


1er Les Halles (first arrondissement) is the first listing.


Then each theater has a number, e.g., 2 UGC Cine Cite Les Halles.


What's playing and what time does it start? How to find a theatre:


Where do you want to go see a movie? Place d'Italie?


Place d'Italie is in the 13th (Gobelins neighborhood) so look at 13e Gobelins.


Look down the list and you see that 79bis Gaumont Grand Ecran Italie is the theatre. It shows the address, metro, reservation telephone number, price, price if you buy a book of tickets -- good if you are several people going to the movies.


Find the name of the film, the language v.f. or v.o.



Museums - Arts and Exhibitions


Categories under arts:

expositions exhibitions

conférences dans les musées nationaux et de la ville de Paris guided visits for the national museums and the city of Paris museums

expositions hors Paris exhibits outside Paris

musées list of museums with exhibits

musées en Île-de-France list of museums with exhibits on the outskirts of Paris



chanson française French songs

l'année du bicentenaire 200th anniversary

renseignements information

le choix de the choice of...

expositions nouvelles new exhibitions

peintures paintings

œuvres works

photographies photographs

bibliothèque library

jusqu'au until

caisses ticket office

Gpes sur RV  groups with reservations

RV: rendez-vous

Sports and fitness


évenéments sportifs - championships

bases de loisirs, billards et bowlings, club de loisirs - paintball in a forest, paintball indoors, roller skating/rollerblade park, bowling lanes, billards (American and French)

agences matrimoniales - marriage angencies

clubs sportifs - waterprk, dance courses, yoga, car racing, taï ho jutsu, judo, etc.

kartings, patinoires, - go kart racing, skating rinks

piscines - indoor pools

randonnées - clubs (car, walking, mountain climbing, photo, roller skating, horse)

squash-tennis-golfs - squash, tennis, golf

hammams - saunas, health clubs



Categories under restaurants:

On the first page of this section, Pariscope gives several restaurant picks of the week. They include descriptions with opening and closing days and times, menu prices, address, one-word comment.


Restaurants that have paid


par spécialités - this lists restaurants that they have tested, types of cooking. The number on the left is the arrondissement, the red number on the right is the neighborhood; use the map on the next page.


Locate the area where you want to dine.


par quartiers - by neighborhoods according to the Pariscope map


Featured in sidebars are advertising restaurants in the following categories:

ouvert le dimanche - restaurants open on Sunday

brunchs  - restaurants that begin serving early Sunday

ouvert après minuit - open after midnight

terrasses, jardins - terraces, gardens, outdoor or patio dining


mémento des spécialités  - listing by specialities (country or type)



ouvert 24h sur 24  - open 24 hours a day

hors categorie - defy definition

cuisine traditionelle - traditional cooking

cuisine inventive - new cuisine/inventive

poissons, coquillages - fish, shellfish

grillades - grilled

bistrots - bistrot - The traditional opening times of a bistrot are 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.; big on drinks and coffee.

bars, salons de "the brunch"

fromages et bars a vin

brasseries - The traditional opening times of a brasserie are 8 a.m. to midnight 12 p.m. Big on beer and wine and quick meals.

specialités regionales - French regional specialities

specialités  étrangeres  - Foreign specialties

Parties and receptions (this section is more for locals who want to throw a big party and includes dinner cruises, rental info for events, caterers, gourmet boutiques)



la veille Russie - old Russia

Orchestre et chanteurs - orchestra and singers

bateau - boat

célibataires - singles

traiteur - caterer

croisières - cruises

deux niveaux - two levels

belle terrasse - beautiful terrace

boutique gourmandes - gourmet foods (includes L'Alsace, Hédiard, Ducs de Gascogne, ec.)



Categories under Paris la nuit:

clubs et discothèques - dancing

thés et dîners dansants - tea and dinner dances


rencontres - place to meet people

clubs libertins - unrestrained by freedom and restrictions (swingers)

spectacles érotiques - erotic shows



musette - bagpipes or accordions

gratuit pou les dames en soirée - ladies get in free in the evening

bal avec orchestre - dance band

discrétion absolue - totally discreet

H/F marié(e)s - married men and women

ICSA (conseil relationnel)  - marriage/couple counseling

sur RDV - reservations only


Radio stations FM


Paris radio stations are listed in alphabetic order

Stations with an asterisk are commercial-free, French government run. I have a quick list for you also.

The Paris pratique page may not appear in the sommaire (table of contents)


It includes information about:

vie quotidienne - daily life

voyage et transports  - airport, taxies, metros, etc.

services médicaux  - medical services and hospitals


Lost credit cards (01 42 77 11 90)

How to read a listing

(these examples are from a past issue)

Ventes aux enchères under visites and promenades -

This relates to art sales, you will see a note at the top referring to the House of Drouot, for example:


Salles des ventes de Drouot: 9, rue Drouot (9e). Les expositions se déroulent la veille de la vente de 11h à 18h, et le matin même de 11h à 12h. Les exceptions et horaires différents son signalés.

Drouot sales office: 9 rue Drouot (9th arrondissement).

You can look at the items the day before of the sale between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. and the morning of the sale between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Check to see if there any changes to the items or hours of sale.


Palais Garnier (old Opéra) under monuments and visites et promenades

Place d l'Opéra (9e). M° Opéra. Visites guidées en français: Mer 14h, 15h30, Sam 11h30, 14h, 15h30, Dim 11h30, 15h30. En anglais: Sam, Dim 11h30 et tlj pendants les vacances scolaires à 11h30, 14h, 15h 30 en français, 11h30 en anglais. Entrée: 10€. TR: 8€. Enfants: 6€


Place de l'Opéra (9th arrondissement)

telephone: 01 41 10 08 10. Guided visits in French on Wednesday at 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m.; Saturday at 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m.; Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

In English on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30 a.m. During school holidays, tours every day in French at 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and in English at 11:30 a.m.

Admission is 10 euros, reduced admission is 8 euros and for children 6 euros.


Concerts at

la Sainte-Chapelle

under musique - concerts classiques

Musiqe à la Sainte-Chapelle

Orchestre «Les Violons Virtuoses». À 19h: then it lists the various compositions. À 21h: then it lists the compositions for that concert. Sainte-Chapelle, 4, bd du Palais (4e). M° Cité. Pl: 10 à 25€


Music at la Sainte-Chapelle, name of the orchestra performs at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. The address of the Sainte-Chapelle is 4 boulevard du Palais (4th arrondissement) Metro Cité, telephone number. Admission is 10 to 25 euros.



Puppet shows for children is found under enfants/marionnettes

Marionnettes du Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars (7e). M° École Militaire. Pl: 3€. Gpes sur résa: 2,20€. Salle couverte et chauffée. Mer, Sam, Dim 15h15, 16h15: La belle aubois dormant. Jeu, Ven, Lun, Mar 15h15, 16h15: Le messager du roi.


Marionettes at the Champ de Mars (7th arrondissement) Metro: École Militaire, telephone number. Admission is 3 euros for individuals, 2 euros 20 cents for groups with reservations. Heated and covered hall. Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 3:15 p.m., 4:15 p.m. Sleeping Beauty.

Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. Messenger of the King - not quite sure of the translation on this one.


What's showing at the movies under the heading of cinéma/autres films

Deux frères (Two brothers) 2004. 1h50. Film d'aventures français (version originale en anglais) en couleurs de Jean-Jacques Annaud avec Guy Pearce, etc. Explication....Saint Lambert 96 v.f.


Two brothers, 2004, 1 hour 50 minutes. French adventure film (original language is in English) in color directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud with Guy Pearce, etc.

The description is given in French. Saint Lambert is the name of the theatre. Look up No. 96 in the salles Paris section. You will see 96 corresponds with Saint Lambert.


The address, telephone number, prices and type of sound (e.g., dolby) is listed.


Under this you will see all of the films, whether they are in French or their original language and times.

Musée Jacquemart-André is listed under arts/musées in alphabetical order

Jacquemart-André (Musée)

The Jacquemart-André museum is located at 158 Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement. The closest metros are Miromesnil or Saint-Philippe-du-Roule. Telephone number. Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Monday evenings until 9:30 p.m. Free for children under 7.

The description of the museum follows in French. The title of the current exhibit is in French and tells how long the run is for the exhibit.


Find a restaurant by looking at the map under restaurants then Paris par quartiers (neighborhoods)