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Gluten free in Paris

Gluten-free flour


Affären is a Swedish specialty store near Place Pigalle that carries an unsweetened gluten-free flour mix (in Swedish: glutenfri mjölmix osötad) by Finax, a family-owned enterprise and leader in Nordic cereal companies.



17 rue Duperré

Open Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: noon to 6:30 p.m.

Thursday: noon to 8 p.m.

Telephone: 01 42 81 91 75

Metro: Pigalle or Blanche


Tips from a reader's experience in Paris

  • I ate a lot of Mussels and French fries or steak, salads.

  • I liked the restaurant l'Atlas they have a great moulles + frites made with blue cheese and white wine sauce that is excellent.

  • Sushi Bars

  • Salads with chicken, no croutons

But truthfully I did eat some bread in Europe. I find that the bread is made fresh every day, which means no need for preservatives that we seem to require here in the US and with drinking the wine it gives me enzymes I do not have to help digest, since my allergy is intestinal.


I hope that helps, there are so many great restaurants in the 5th, 6th, + 1st district actually anywhere and I find it no issue. -- Gail



I found this information on a soon-to-be extinct website.


Le Charlain

23, rue Clauzel 75009

tel: 01 48 78 74 40

fax: 01 48 78 20 96



2, Place du Panthéon


Paris  Metro/RER Luxembourg (Line 'B'), Cardinale Lemoin (Line 10) or Place Monge (Line 7)

They have read through the catering guide and I am going to be helping them find suitable items on their lunch menu which is available 12 till 4. 


For current stores selling gluten-free products in Paris, visit the GlutaBye website.