I am receiving positive feed back on the WaytoStay apartment rentals.

A friend recently had a pleasant experience making pre-rental arrangements.

Planning to rent an apartment on rue Kleber, she called the agent who worked with her (in English) about the key pick up, their arrival time and bags.

Unsure of whether to take a taxi, bus or RER, the agent suggested he pick her and the three children up at the airport (60 euros).

I gave the “thumbs up”, since the taxi for one person to the Bastille from Charles-de-Gaulle/Roissy is 50 euros.

When you rent an apartment, call ahead and get as much information from the agent or owner as you can.

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  • Colleen's Paris

    Hi Karen, is your 7-10 day stay in Paris or around France? When looking for a place to stay, central is relative. We live in the Bastille, not the center of town, but great night life, street life, restaurants, and bus and metro connections to anywhere, plus close to the Seine for that river bank stroll. When you click on WayToStay for apartments, maps show you the general location. If you have questions about the neighborhoods just ask. Grocery stores have popped up everywhere so eating in is an option when you have an apartment. Colleen

  • Karen Knight

    My husband, 18 yr daughter and 16 yr son are considering a trip to France in June. I have only had layover trips. We are hoping for a 7-10 day stay. Do you have recomendations of a central place to stay? I will also be continuing to do research on your sight.
    Thanks so much!
    Karen Knight
    IDF F/A

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