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    A Guide to Paris for Lovers of Literature

    For guest contributors, Marta López and Josie Sampson, Paris is the city that has spent centuries inspiring artists, writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers alike – and within minutes of wandering the streets of the City of Light, it is not hard to see why. If, like them, it is literature in particular that tickles your artistic fancy, you’re in luck. Home to around 1000 bookshops in the city and almost 100 libraries, Paris boasts an impressive literary history, having been home to the great writers, both past and present.

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    Bring The Girls To Paris And Find An Apartment

    A reader wrote about bringing her girls to Paris. She asked advice on two neighborhoods. Haussmann and Sentier Neighborhoods Neighborhoods change atmosphere from one street to the next in Paris. Unless you are given a specific address, it is difficult to tie down where you are exactly. Paris streets are lit and safe and each street has atmosphere. With central locations such as Metro Sentier and Gare Saint Lazare you are not far from anything. Both areas are close to grocery stores. Around Metro Sentier, for example, if you stay on the north side of rue Réamur, it is quiet because the shops are clothing wholesalers (like my neighborhood in…

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    Apartment Crackdown In Paris

    _I receive letters asking my advice on apartments. Example: Thanks for the info.  Do you know anything about They have beautiful apartments in great locations.  My only concern is that I just read in a travel magazine that it is illegal to rent apartments short term and the government is going to crack down on this.  I would hate to loose a reservation or deposit over something like this.  Let me know what you think if you have time. Numerous agencies advertise on the internet. So many it makes you dizzy! My connection with any of the agencies is zero. I read about the issue in a French newspaper…