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  • Eiffel Art-Just before the police arrive and chase away the vendors on Trocadero

    Frequent Eiffel Tower Questions

    This story has been archived. Some of the information may have changed since first published. Questions about visiting the Eiffel Tower are frequent. They include how to buy a ticket to the top if you are already on the first or second floor; or how to reach the restaurants. Is the iPhone application for the Eiffel Tower available in English? What time are the light shows? Here are some of the answers! Can you travel between floors using the elevator? Yes, your basic entrance ticket is valid for the first two levels, and allows unlimited use of the elevators for an unlimited amount of time. Consult the Eiffel Tower’s ticket…

  • Carnival in Paris - Carnaval de Paris
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    Parades and the International Women’s Day

    Motorcycles, placards, dancing and photos are a few of the festive ways Parisians are celebrating International Women’s Day (Journée des Femmes) on March 8. Olivier Martel – Jardin du Luxembourg Olivier Martel has chosen 80 of his portraits of women around the world to exhibit in Paris. The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society opens the exhibit on the fence railings of the Senate along the Jardin du Luxembourg on March 8 and  continue until June 15. Martel is exhibiting women “…in her truth, her struggles and her hopes and asserting her dignity”….  Visit Mr. Martel’s “Ouvrages” page to see a catalog of the book Femmes Eternelles. Click on…

  • Christmas decorations at Tissus Reine

    Cute Christmas Decorations In Montmartre

    Tissus Reine 5 Place St Pierre 75018 Paris, France Metro: Abbesses, Anvers Bus: Montmartre bus Open Monday: 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday: 9:45 to 7 p.m. Facebook © 2010 Your HOTEL and APARTMENT RESERVATION is a contribution to maintenance costs of my Web site. Using GOOGLE helps, too. THANKS!

  • Ferris Wheel at Place de la Concorde in Christmas holidays Champs Elysees

    Champs-Elysées Lights Up for Christmas

    The plans for the actress Melanié Laurent to light up the Champs-Elysées at 6 p.m., November 22, 2010, was on “French Time”. They threw the switch at 6:20 p.m. After rushing out of the metro stop, Clemenceau, thinking that I had missed it all, in a blink of an eye, the dark trees began dripping their energy-efficient drops of light through the leaves. The lights cost about one million euros and are financed by the merchants, commercial sponsors and the city of Paris. The city, having its own financial difficulties, reduced its share this year. The Holiday lights on the Champs-Elysées are lighting the 2.2 kilometer avenue and 415 trees.…

  • Paris Christmas Ferris Wheel

    Paris Christmas Events

    The following list will help you enjoy Christmas events in and around Paris beginning in November: Concorde, Tuileries Ferris Wheel Place de la Concorde Ice Skating: Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville (plaza in front of city hall) Christmas windows Nativity Scenes Saint-Vincent de Paul church – close to the gare du Nord 5, rue de Belzunce 75010 PARIS December 18, 2010 to January 6, 2011 Eglise Saint-Georges-de-la-Villette 112, avenue Simon-Bolivar 75019 Paris Metro: Bolivar Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre December 2010 Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, Paris Christmas crèche at the Notre-Dame de Lorette church Eglise Notre-Dame de Lorette 18bis, rue de Châteaudun 75009 PARIS Metro: Notre-Dame de Lorette Notre-Dame du Perpétuel…

  • Champagne Bar Julien

    Pop The Cork. Champagne And iPads At The Eiffel Tower!

    This story has been archived. Some of the information may have changed since first published. Is that a cork or the top of the Eiffel Tower? Whether the sky is cloudy or bright at the Eiffel Tower, let it rain champagne! Yes, on the southern side of the summit level, tucked away in the former architect’s office, is the Bar à Champagne (really a counter). Mostly the curious stopped by while I was there. Julien, the barman, said that the champagne bar seems to be more active in the evenings. “The bar is a favorite of honeymooners,” he said. “You can tell when they are newlyweds, they eagerly show off…

  • Lunch with a view at 58 Tour Eiffel

    Lightness of being at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant

    This story has been archived. Some of the information may have changed since first published. A restaurant with distinct styling Go to one of the Eiffel tower’s restaurants, 58 Tour Eiffel, to see the style and design of a well known Parisian designer. Buy your ticket on line and save yourself a possible one and a half hours waiting in line. On this second visit to the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel, I want to feel the ambiance of Patrick Jouin‘s design and style as well as enjoy the restaurant’s picnic-in-a-basket lunch. Around Paris, you see the works of Mr. Jouin either on the street with the Velib’ bicycles or the…

  • Olivier Giraud, Theatre de la Main d'Or, Paris

    Comedy Review – Become Parisian In One Hour

    “How to become Parisian in one hour?” is the title of successful English one-man show that even the French can understand. The title is said very French-like – as if you are stupid or something? “Pfew” – Yes, you will learn how to pronounce the sound and yes, the French can be arrogant so Olivier Giraud will show you how to become just like ‘zem! No Paris theaters thought he could do this show in English and be successful (Being negative, is French, too). Olivier Giraud started his own company, La French Arrogance Productions, and took it on the road to the center of Paris – at the Théâtre de…

  • Soldes Paris Sales Printemps
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    General July Activities In Paris

    Use Google Translate for Paris activities and information on the following web sites: For a complete list of exhibitions visit the newspaper é web site l’Officiel des spectacles or buy the magazine for 35 cents when you arrive in Paris. Summer Sale begins end of June in Paris Between end of June and beginning of August. look for the deals – and get there early. Within two weeks everything has been picked through. The good news is that summer vacation begins two days after the sales begin so perhaps the natives will leave and the tourists can buy everything! Doors open at 8 a.m. The commercial law (article L 310-3 du…