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  • Je Suis Charlie - text that appeared immediately after cartoonists from CharlieHebdo were assassinated along with two policemen
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    “Je Suis Charlie” – I Am Charlie

    "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) is the slogan used immediately after assassinations at a satirical newspaper in Paris. The slogan is in memory of the cartoonists and others assassinated in Paris on Wednesday morning, January 7, 2015 near the Bastille and metro Richard Lenoir. For anyone who writes and has an opinion and likes to express the opinion, we are all Charlie. The name Charlie represents the satirical newspaper, "CharlieHebdo". For Americans "MAD" magazine comes to my mind for outrageous satire. You either read it or you don't. ....

  • Barefoot college, Tilonia, India, man sitting next to Merry Xmas/Happy New Year banner
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    Happy New Year 2015 from Paris!

    The Paris Mayor’s Office brought in the new year with a spectacular display of “video-morphing” on the Arc-de-Triomphe. The spectacle lasted 20 minutes and ended with fireworks from the top. Wherever you were on December 31 (I was almost a month in northwest and central India), you can relive a slice of the moment virtually on their Daily Motion (French YouTube) channel.

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    Postcard from Paris Plages

    Paris Plages is open mid-July to mid-August, even if it rains. To watch the video in HD high quality, I suggest you put the YouTube setting to 720p (the wheel in lower right corner of video). On the Hotel de Ville plaza play volleyball or wheelchair basketball. Fill up your water bottle at the "Eau de Paris" stations (eau=water). This is the 12th annual Paris Plages sponsored by the mayor's office of Paris (Mairie de Paris). Paris Plages is always in three locations

  • July 14 Bastille Day Fireworks Paris; photo by Rob Johnstone from a special street; write to me to find out where
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    Planning for July 14 (14 Juillet) in Paris

    When planning your fireworks visit, you can be in the Fan Zone of the Champ-de-Mars or the esplanade of Trocadéro to enjoy front row seats. The bridges offer a side view as we had on Pont d'Alma. On their webpage, the magazine, Vivre Paris, has a map showing alternatives for bridges, parks and rooftops.... Imagine the logistics of moving this many people, which means that numerous metro stations were closed. And entering any nearby and open metro station was impossible due to press of flesh! Our quandary: How to get home to the Bastille from Pont d'Alma .....

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    Paris Home Show (Foire de Paris) – Ideas, Food and Inventions

    Two Paris icons were born in 1889, the Eiffel Tower and the Foire de Paris. is THE icon for the home show. Over 600,000 visitors are expected in 2014 for 3,500 exhibitors. In 1889 when the first Foire de Paris opened, over thirty million visitors passed through the pavilion of 500 exhibitors. With a showing like that, it took another ten years to organize an official event instead of holding it only during the world fairs. The Foire de Paris developed from a World's Fair event to an annual Paris in 1904. The Big Show continues until the 11th of more

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    A Stroll on a Tightrope Stretched Across the Seine

    [youtube][/youtube] April 6 was the scene of water events in Paris; Paris Marathon runners sweat a lot and crossed the Seine on a bridge. Watching from the Charles de Gaulle bridges that links the Gare de Lyon and the Gare d’Austerlitz, Denis Josselin crossed the Seine on a tightrope. ParisiannewsTV made a video that includes an interview with Denis Josselin with English subtitles. The river Seine is busy year round with boats and activities.I found out about the tightrope walker on the Paris Mayor’s office website “Que faire à Paris“. Click on “Une semaine à Paris en un clic” (One week in Paris in one click) Voilà you now speak French…

  • Hotel Lutetia auction flyer from Pierre Bergé & Associés-May 19 to 25, 2014
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    Hotel Lutetia Auction and Closure

    The first Art Déco hotel in Paris is closing April 14, 2014 for three years... Pierre Bergé & Associés have announced the auction of Hotel Lutetia's interior pieces. Viewing of the items opens May 15 and 18. The auction takes place between May 19 and 25, 2014 at the Hotel Lutetia. The Hotel Lutetia, built in 1910 is selling its large art collection ......