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  • poster for the Cimetière des chiens celebrating 120 year anniversary
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    Journées européennes du patrimoine 2019 & cemeteries

    I came across an anniversary for all who enjoy the peace and quiet and sculptures of Paris cemeteries. One of the out of the ordinary is the Cemetery for the Dogs (Cimetière des chiens) on my list of Paris cemeteries and maps from an older Colleen's Paris post. The city of Asnières-sur-Seine is celebrating the 120th anniversary the third weekend in September, which is also the annual Journées européennes du patrimoine (Heritage Days in Europe).

  • Tomb of Gilbert Morard with RATP tickets and TGV engraving Père Lachaise, Paris
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    Père-Lachaise Color & Cemetery Information

    Pere Lachaise and other cemeteries have permanent residents; what is perpetuité; links to maps (some in English, Español or Italiano) to find famous women, celebrities, gastronomy, artists and actors, some are accessible for special needs; 14 are within Paris; 6 outside the Paris walls; not counting the pet cemetery; images of a drizzly, chilly day in Père Lachaise; where to find information about plots and handling the deceased. Looking for someone among the 7 million buried? .... keep reading ....

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    Cemeteries in Paris and Maps

    Père-Lachaise Color & Cemetery Information 2018 post Cemeteries from the Mayor’s Office Web site The Mayor’s Office has updated many of the Paris cemetery maps . Keep in mind some cemeteries are private or owned by churches and will not be listed on the Mayor’s page. List of little known places from the Catholic Diocese of Paris. The list includes chapels, more or less private, with historical and artistic significance. Find a Famous Grave in Paris Cemeteries Pet Cemetery – MEMORY, 116 bis bd Voltaire, 92600 ASNIERES (in 2019 celebrating 150 years). Cemetery Maps Visit the Ville de Paris website page Cimetières for maps of the 20 cemeteries in Paris region (Plans des cimetières intramuros (au format pdf) Auteuil…

  • Charles Pigeon, Montparnasse Cemetery, inventor non-exploding gas lamp
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    Find A Famous Grave In Paris Cemeteries

    Interested in practicing your French? The City of Paris organizes a tour of the cemetery Père Lachaise (the confessor to Louis XIV) for about six euros (entry to the cemetery is free) every Saturday at 2:30 p.m. between April 1 and November 30. The tour is a timeless promenade that evokes memories of numerous celebrities and legendary figures laid to rest among the greenery of this park. Who is buried at this cemetery, which, thanks to a good marketing strategy attracted new customers? Père Lachaise is the largest green space in the capital, 44 hectares (108 acres), 5,300 trees and is a refuge of biodiversity. The tombs of Marcel Proust,…