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  • Children wearing helmets on ponies at Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris
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    Pony Rides in Paris Parks

    The spring time chill is going to turn into summer time warmth and sunshine (with intermittent showers). How long can the kids manage patience in the Louvre? For distraction, consider a pony rides in the park, or ping pong, rock climbing, basket ball.Wednesday is a popular day for activities due to the school hours. Pony walks are possible at the following locations on Wednesday, weekends, holidays and school holidays in the afternoon:

  • Gignol-Theatre de Guignol on the Champs-Elysees-puppet show
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    Puppets And Marionettes In Paris

    Children may not understand French, but visual art is multi-lingual. Below is a list of ideas for Marionnettes, Guignols, Theatre, Magic and Circus. Some theaters close for the winter. For additional information on these entertainment venues, buy either of two weekly, small-format magazines at any newsstand: l’Officiel des spectacles or Pariscope. I recommend th l’Officiel (website). Pariscope is available on Twitter @Pariscope. Under the heading “pour les jeunes” in l’Officiel des spectacles, the categories are: -classic plays -other spectacles (theatre) -talks and workshops -marionnettes/guignols -circus -zoos/aquariums -theme parks Use Google Translate for translations into English of the following Web sites. The Paris mayor’s office has a few guignol/marionette/puppet shows listed…

  • Michelle, Raina and Colleen, the "Winning Witches" finally finding the small, elusive Goya on our THATLou treasure hunt
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    THATLou Hunts Treasure at the Louvre

    The Louvre treasure hunt begins when "Daisy de Plume" sends you an email dropping hunting hints written with tongue in cheek humor. Once you set off on a THATLou (Treasure Hunt at the Louvre) treasure hunt, your eyes capture a multitude of treasure in one and half hours. Add to this the excitement of looking for specific treasures, taking specific photos for bonus points, posing in front of treasure in specific poses, learning to write a limerick, experimenting with strategy and naming your team.

  • Child's high chair "le chateau de ma mere" Blvd Ledru Rollin in Paris 11th
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    Baby Information for Paris

    Baby’Tems Hire baby equipment in Paris without lugging yours along! Baby’Tems’ blog raveling with baby tips while in Paris (in English) Changer les couches on Champs-Élysées The words sound poetic but in reality, they mean that you are changing the baby’s diapers on the Champs- Élysées. Sometimes it seems that women of the world are on a constant quest for a certain spot. Well, we have to help babies that need changing learn about this important endeavor. If it is cold outside and a Paris park bench won’t do, the task has been made easier and convenient whether you are at Printemps, Galeries Lafayette or at the PointWC. Packing the gear Traveling with a baby…

  • Coumba, Mangabey, ready for a nap, le Jardin des Plantes
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    The Zoo (La Ménagerie) At Jardin Des Plantes

    Associating a zoo with Paris strikes a different chord from looking at historic buildings. However, le Jardin des Plantes is historical with its own zoo called La Ménagerie . Founded in 1794, this zoo is considered to be the oldest in the world along with de Schönbrunn in Vienna. Among its 2,000 inhabitants, the ménagerie celebrated 168 births in 2010. One of the newborns in the singerie (monkey house), Coumba, became a bit of a celebrity in 2011 with an accident. The inexperienced mother mangabey became too rough with her baby and broke its arm. Wearing a cast is a hard way to start off life for a newborn. Coumba,…

  • Images exquises-Musee de la Poupee-Paris
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    Paris Activities For 11 And 8 Year Old Girls

    Lots going on in Paris for those traveling with girls aged eleven and eight. Exhibitions include the Babar in the toy gallery (until September 2, 2012) at the Musee des arts decoratifs. Toys for boys at the Musée de la Poupée (now closed), was a fun little museum with a wonderful display of dolls through the ages. The doll museum currently have two exhibits on until March 11, 2012: the toys for boys and the other a joint exhibit with Choco-Story(also until March 11, 2012), the chocolate museum: “‘Exquisite Ephemera’ is a temporary exhibit in two parts presented simultaneously at the Musée de la Poupée-Paris and at Choco-Story, the chocolate…

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    Eiffel Tower, Batobus and Metamorphosis

    A reader asked about the Batobus and its frequency between stops. She is traveling with small children and thought it would be a good way to give their little legs a rest. The Batobus is a delightful way to see Paris from the water. The regular Seine boats are round trip. The advantage of the Batobus is jumping on and off. How big is your hurry? It is not the fastest way to get around. Here is what I responded to her questions about the RER, Eiffel Tower and the Metamorphosis show. Substituting RER travel, the Eiffel Tower and Saint-Michel The Batobus has the same route as always and appears to be at the…

  • Punch & Judy Puppets Guignol show on Champs Elysees
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    Fun Things For Children Near The Champs Elysées

    A large toy store just off the Champs Elysées is La Grand Récré  126 rue La Boétie75008 01 42 25 42 42 A great brasserie nearby is l’Alsace brasserie (currently closed for renovation), plus their Christmas market begins November 24. Have the children seen the movie “Ratatouille“? The Ratatouille document is from the Paris mayor’s Web site with a map and references to places in Paris that were made in the movie — could be a fun way to see Paris.

 You will find all the recent movies on Mayor’s link. If the children are 10 and up, consider visiting the sewers of Paris (les égouts de Paris). Hours and videos on the Paris Mayor’s page. The…